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Google is now working on ways to make the Play Store easier to navigate



Google is now working on ways to make the Play Store easier to navigate

The latest redesign for the Google Play Store makes changes to the settings menu. 

Key Points:

  • Google has made changes in the Setting menu of the Play Store.
  • The setting menu will contain 4 sections- General, User Controls, Family, and About.
  • Now, Google Play Store will be easy to navigate.

The Google Play Store is one biggest and most important parts of Android. It is the hub for all app and game content as well as ebooks, movies, TV shows, and music.

There are a ton of commands, actions, and other activities within the app that makes it difficult to navigate.

A new addition to the redesign spree is the Play Store and images show that UI changes are coming to the settings menu that is going to bring in a much cleaner look to the app.

The new changes on the settings menu bring in four sections – General, User Controls, Family, and About. Each of these sections can be expanded to show their respective options. It is a much cleaner look and makes options easier to find.

Earlier in October, images from an earlier test showed that Google was thinking about getting rid of the hamburger menu and placing the Play Store menu within the user thumbnail.

A change like this is quite necessary with Google’s eventual move to a gesture-based navigation system.

However, only a very small group of users are able to test out these changes right now and Google seems to be still making more changes in the app. So this means we may not see the new UI rolling out to more devices any time soon.

We will let you know that UI changes were seen across apps, particularly on Google Maps. Google Maps received a whole bunch of updates over the pandemic. While many of these updates are still being tested, they have not been rolled out officially yet.

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