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Google is testing a shortcut feature to display short videos from Instagram and TikTok




Google app for Android and iOS is working on a new feature that will aggregate short videos from TikTok and Instagram.

After observing the popularity of short video platforms TikTok and Instagram, Google decided to include their content in its search carousel. Means users don’t need to open separate tabs to watch videos because after rolling out this feature, users would be able to watch via the Google app.

According to the Techcrunch report, Google has confirmed that it is working on such a feature. Gooogle’s spokesperson has stated to the publication that Google is testing the feature on smartphones now. The feature is in its initial stage so right now video carousel would not appear on your search results. But after rolling out the feature it will display the content from Instagram and TikTok.

Short videos carousel is quite different from the existing Google Stories, said reports.

Reports also said that when you will click on the videos in the short video carousel, it will redirect you to the web variants of Instagram and TikTok. It will not open up the dedicated apps of both video making platforms even if you have them on your mobile. Initially, the feature was noticed by Twitter users who skated it via a screenshot. Twitter users Saad AK was searching for the word “Biryani” and he spotted the search results from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He added that he didn’t video results for every Google search.

Another user named Brian Freiesleben was the first to spot videos from TikTok and Instagram. He commented under Saad’s tweet and wrote, “Noticed Google pulling in Instagram and TikTok videos into this “short videos” carousel this morning.” He also shared the screenshot of his search results and the short video carousels.

It is still unclear whether the feature will roll out in India or not as the Indian government has banned TikTok.

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