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Google Maps Updated Live View Option For iPhone Users Too!!



Google Maps Updated Live View Option For iPhone Users Too!!
  • Live View Option gets an update by Google Maps to label popular landmarks.
  • Augmented Reality in Maps can bring digital arrows, pins, and markers quickly to your screens.

Google Maps brought an exclusive gift for iPhone users. With this new feature, users will get hands-on experience in location sharing. But it is not limited only to iPhone users. Android users will get the same benefit too.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that Google Pixel users got the same feature last month which helped the users to know all the directions and arrows very smoothly in getting the exact location.

Google made this announcement via a blog post. Augmented reality in Google Maps brings digital pins, and markers right away in front of your screen as you move while looking through your phone’s camera.

Live View Means…

Google Maps has named it Live View. It first appeared in August 2019, and after that, it being extremely useful in order to get exact orientation and pinned location.

Whenever a user uses the Maps app and uses the Live View option and any location is shared by a person., the arrows and directions will tell him/her exactly where to walk. This works best once the user is in the vicinity and have the phone held out in front of the walking path.

How To Use It?

The Person has to go to the Live View option, and it been done. The user will get redirected to the exact destination, where a person wants to go.

The Live View feature isn’t only for a person to just pick the phone and walk at a nonstop pace and simultaneously hold the phones.  In fact, it ensures quick, easy, and fast orientation by displaying your arrows in real-time.

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