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Google Meet’s new ‘green room’ lets you do an audio / video pre-check



Google is all set to give you a whole new experience of Green room. Usually we all are bit conscious when we have to join any meeting or video call via Google Meet like –

  1. How we are looking on the screens?
  2. How good or bad we sound on call?
  3. Or there is echo due to chamber?
  4. We have turn on our mic or not before talking and stuff like that, Right?

So Google now has solution for all your problems. Google is improvising its features day by day. Google meet has gained immense popularity during pandemic times. Now education, commercial work, office meetings everything is happening online digitally via virtual platforms as all offices, schools, colleges are shut due to lockdown in various countries of the world.

So How can google stay behind in terms of facilitating its users, Right?

So Google is all ready to give you the facility of Green Room where you can all the stuff mentioned above before actually going into the meeting.

Google has now made it easier to check your appearance and your tech before a Meet conference with its new “green room” feature.

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How will it work?

When you start or prepare to join a meeting, in the usual “Ready to join?” window that first appears, you will now also see a small button below your video that says “Check your audio and video.” Just click on that button, and a pop-up window will not only show your video image, but allow you to see (and change) which microphone, speaker, and camera is currently live. Google Meet’s “green room” lets you verify your audio and video.

A “Next” button on that pop-up window then lets you document a brief 6-second video pattern, permitting you to see how you will look and sound to the others in your assembly. According to Google, the clip is personal to you and won’t be saved. Your mic, speaker, digicam, and connection are additionally checked by the system and get inexperienced checkmarks in the event that they appear to be working.

Will this be private?

According to Google, the clip is private to you and will not be saved. Your microphone, speaker, camera, and connection are also checked by the system and given green check marks if they appear to be working.

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