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Google Nest Home is arriving soon: Here is everything we know so far



Google Nest Home is arriving soon

Google Home came back in 2016 and right after for years Google Nest Home is finally coming. If you are excited to know a brief about the color, size, and shape of Google Nest home, go through a piece of information shared below. Though An official announcement for its was expected in July, we got nothing but daily promotion news of every day’s new launches. But now the release of Google Nest Home is expected by the end of August 2020.

A range of devices is yet to release and one of them is Google Nest home. The new Android TV dongle, Pixel 5, and the new Google Home smart speaker. The Pixel 4a was launched on 3 August, otherwise, it was also on the list. Scroll down to know all about Google nest Home.s

Google Nest Home: Everything we know so far

1) Release Date

The expected release date of Google nest home is 28 August. Originally, the release of the device was expected to arrive in October 2020, but a tease from the company announced the date near mid-July. It proved to be wrong and now the new expected date is the end of August 2020.

2) Design

  • Size: Compared to Original Google Home, the most significant changes have been realized in size. While Google Home was 5.6 inches long, Google Nest Home will come out to be 8.6 inches long(215 x 150 x 60mm approx.). To be marked!
  • Shape: The device would look like an uncomfortable pillow. Flat with rounded edges.
  • Top material: Instead of the plastic top, Google Nest home is coming with fabricated top.
  • Color: Expected to come in 2 colors.
  • It has rubber anti-slip bottom to keep it upright, as well as a mute button on the back.

Google Nest Home

3) Price

According to Roland Quandt, a reputable leaker with a solid track record, Google’s upcoming smart speaker will be available “from the end of August.” He also designates that it’ll come with a retail price of $120/€100/£89.

However, the price rises from Original Speaker but users are expecting more features potentially.

4)Other features

  • Stereo pairing – There are no physical controls so you have to use your voice to controls things. It also supports BlueTooth.
  • Google Assistant- It is powered by Google Assistant and be controlled through the Google Home app on your phone.

Well, this is all about Google Home Nest. I hope you would like this information. Thank you for reading!

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