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Google offers free weekly corona-virus tests to US employees



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Google said on Friday that they have offered corona-virus tests for 90,000 employees in the US. This tests can be taken from their respective homes. The employees will be allowed to take 2 tests a week. This test is made available through BioIQ. This is the same company that Google partnered with to distribute the kits. Full-time employees and interns will be allowed to register for the test.

Google is best known for its lavish treatments to the employees. This test facility has only added some new feathers to their cap.

How to order corona-virus test?

The employees can order the test from BioIQ website. They will then receive nasal swab test. This further will be sent for processing.

The company did not make it a mandate though. It came to its employees as sheer perk.

What is the cost of the test?

The company will pay $50 per test for its employees.

As of now, Amazon has taken up the corona-virus tests for its employees. But that included only the employees who have to work in the office or warehouse.

Though Google did not say anything about the tests being done in all other countries, but they surely plan to do it in the next year.

Believe it or not, but Google manages to keep itself in the news for some or the other reason!

What do you think about this move from the search giant?

Don’t forget to write in to us your thoughts and views about this step for the healthcare of employees.

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