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Google Photos gets new updates as free storage ends June 1





  • Google Photos gets a new update as free storage ends in June.
  • The company announces new updates before rolling out a new storage policy.
  • The Google One is similar to the Apple One membership but with fewer extra benefits.

Google recently announced that Google Photos would be ending its free unlimited backups starting June 1st, 2021. The company says that the platform will stop supporting free photos and video backup.

Before announcing the new storage policy, Google updated its application that would help users in managing their storage limit. Google also announces Membership Plans that help users to manage their data effectively. By upgrading to a Google One paid plan, users can get additional cloud storage which starts at 100 GB and goes all the way up to 2 TB.

Google Photos new update: Benefits

Google has added a new review tool that would let users get rid of unwanted or blurry pictures. The tool will highlight pictures or videos that are blurry, screenshots, and large videos that unnecessarily take a lot of space.

The Storage app also gets an estimating tool that shows users the time left for them to reach the storage limit based on their settings and usage.

Any photos or videos backed up in High quality before June 1, 2021, will not count toward your Google Account storage. These photos and videos will remain free and exempt from the storage limit.

You have the choice to choose the storage option that works best for you, whether storing more photos and videos with a Storage saver or backing them up in the same resolution that you took them with Original quality.

Google One Plans: pricing Details

You can also purchase more storage through Google One plans.

  • In India, the base Google One membership plan starts at Rs. 130 per month which offers a total of 100 GB storage. The yearly plan is available for Rs. 1,300 a year.
  • The second plan offers 200 GB of storage and it comes for Rs. 210 per month (Rs. 2,100 for one-year membership).
  • The third plan offers 2TB of storage and it costs Rs. 650 per month (Rs. 6,500 for one-year membership).
  •  Google also offers 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB plans at a monthly rent of Rs 3,249, Rs 6,500, and Rs 9,700, respectively.

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