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Google Play Music App Shut Down on Android, iOS and Web



A week ago Google Play Music shut down for the web and following this the app for the music service has started shutting down for. Whenever users try to open the Google Music app a splash page occurs that reads “Google Play Music is no longer available.” Also, they get two options “Manage your data” or “Transfer to YouTube Music.”

Key Highlights

  • Google Play Music app has started shutting down for Android, iOS, and Web.
  • The app restricts users to access their content and suggests to transfer their data to Youtube Music.
  • Users can make required changes till December 2020.

On Thursday morning the app started shutting down for some users around the globe and some users are still able to access it. And when users try to access their content they get two buttons to redirect to the Youtube Music app to migrate their data and to manage as well. According to Android Central, when users migrate their content to Youtube music including libraries and recommendations, their app’s widget will disappear from the home screen.

Though all users are not facing the same situation, by December the app will become completely defunct. If you want to get back the app then you need to download the older version of the app and close automatic updates, changing dates and time is not a solution.

Last week the web client for Google Play Music became defunct. The webpage for Google Play Music read: “The Music store on Google Play is no longer available.” Google has been giving reminders to its long-time existing Google Play Music users to make their transfers by December 2020 after which their Google Play Music libraries will no longer be available.

So it is suggested to make necessary changes and migration of data before the complete shutdown of the Google Play Music app. Nevertheless, Youtube is working to add a slew of new features to make it a perfect substitute for the Google Play Music app.

  • Free Youtube Music users now can play uploaded songs with the Android Auto app.
  • YouTube Music on Android TV gets library & uploads access, UI tweaks, background play coming
  • With Youtube’s free tier you can cast uploaded songs to the smart speakers.
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