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Google Search for desktop gets dark mode!! Check all new features



How to enable Dark Mode on Desktop


  • Google Search is Getting Dark Mode on Desktop.
  • The dark theme on the desktop had been in testing for months.
  • You can easily turn dark mode on and off on the web using the toggle in the right corner.

Google has finally rolled out Dark Mode feature for Google Search on Desktop. The features are not limited to the company’s Chrome browser. The feature also works when users access it from other popular web browsers, which includes Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge.

If users launch an incognito window on Chrome, they might be greeted with a new message on their search. A box points out that “Dark theme is now available” and allows users to turn the settings on with a shortcut button.

Further, in Search settings, Google offers users the ability to match the dark mode with the system theme. Most of the Google products that have a dark mode on the web have an option of enabling it manually. There are no design changes being reported alongside the availability of dark mode on Google Search.

Google search gets a bunch of new productivity features:

Apart from dark mode, Google search new features include text highlighting, new tools for PDFs, power-saving improvements, and more.

Google now has a “link to highlight” feature that makes it easier to share text from an article’s link you want to share with someone.

You can highlight a text by right-clicking and choosing “Copy link to highlight.” Then share the link with your friend who will see the text highlighted when they open it. This feature is rolling out to Chrome on Android and desktop, and it will be available on iOS soon.

How to enable Dark Mode on Desktop?

The steps to enable the Dark mode on Desktop are very simple. Here is your step-by-step guide.

  • Open Google Search on your web browser.
  • Click on the Settings button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Search Settings and Scroll down to the Appearances section.
  • Select the dark theme and click on the Ok button.

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