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Google Stadia pricing, games list, compatible devices, requirements and more



Google Stadia pricing, games list, compatible devices, requirements and more

Google stadia is a well-known platform for introducing online game streaming and gaining popularity in the field. Today I am going to share about Google Stadia pricing, games list, compatible devices, and requirements. Prior to Google Stadia, Foray promised dozens of games playable on multiple screens without inserting a disc. In 2018, Google has released a beta version of a platform where players can play Assassins creed odyssey on their mobile phones. after that Google has announced a full-fat platform for Online gaming.

Online streaming of games, media, music, LIVE TV is not only today’s trend but today’s need as well. Also, online game streaming platforms are easy to access, use, and requires less cost as well. The online platform actually a good idea to make all play exclusive games. Though right now the games are very less on such platforms these are continually expanding every day. Scroll down to know everything about Google Stadia.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform, that allows users to play the game without downloading or inserting a disc. The platform service is available across 14 countries, including the UK and US, in its paid and free modes.

How does it work?

Play games without download directly on servers!

A user can connect through multiple devices such as phones, laptops, and TVs, you play the game in real-time, but it’s actually run on a remote Stadia server somewhere else in the world. The video of the gameplay is broadcasted to your device across the internet, while the control codes from a game controller are sent in the other direction.

The most influential problem other similar services have met over the years is latency. The time it takes from the instant you move the controller thumbstick or press a button to the reaction occurring on-screen.

Google Stadia Pricing

Stadia offers its pricing in two levels: One is Stadia Pro and the other is Stadia Premium.

Stadia Pro costs you $9.99/month while premium costs you $99 per month(cheaper than ever before). Premier includes a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia Controller, and a three-month subscription for Stadia Pro, which includes some complimentary games.

Pro includes players the ability to play Stadia titles in 4K resolution, with 5.1 surround sound. It also provides discounts on various games and free titles.

Google Stadia Games List

Google Stadia revealed 22 games at the time of launch and after a few months, few more titles have added in the list. So, as of now a total of around 40 games are available to play on Google stadia. The list of games are here:

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  2. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle
  3. Borderlands 3
  4. Crayta
  5. Darksiders Genesis
  6. Destiny 2
  7. Doom 64
  8. Doom Eternal
  9. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  10. Embr (Early Access)
  11. F1 2020
  12. Farming Simulator 19
  13. Final Fantasy XV
  14. Football Manager 2020
  15. Get Packed *
  16. Grid
  17. Gylt *
  18. Jotun: Valhalla Edition
  19. Just Dance 2020
  20. Just Shapes & Boats
  21. Kine
  22. Little Nightmares
  23. Lost Worlds: Beyond the Page *
  24. Metro 2033 Redux, Exodus, Last Light Redux
  25. Monopoly
  26. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
  27. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3
  28. Mortal Kombat 11
  29. MotoGP 20
  30. NBA 2K20
  31. Octopath Traveler
  32. One Hand Clapping (Early Access)
  33. Orcs Must Die 3
  34. Panzer Dragoon: Remake
  35. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
  36. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  37. Rage 2
  38. Red Dead Redemption 2
  39. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  40. Samurai Shodown
  41. Serious Sam Collection
  42. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  43. Spitlings *
  44. Stacks on Stacks (on Stacks) *
  45. SteamWorld Dig, it 2, heist, Quest
  46. Sundered: Eldritch Edition
  47. Superhot
  48. The Crew 2
  49. The Elder Scrolls Online
  50. The Turing Test
  51. Thumper
  52. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  53. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  54. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
  55. Trials Rising
  56. Wave Break
  57. Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  58. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Upcoming Stadia games could be(in 2020 or beyond)

  1. Cris Tales
  2. Dead By Daylight
  3. Destroy All Humans!
  4. Doom
  5. Kona
  6. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
  7. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  8. Baldur’s Gate III
  9. Celeste
  10. Chorus
  11. FIFA
  12. Gods & Monsters
  13. Gunsport
  14. Hello Neighbour
  15. Hitman 3
  16. Outcasts
  17. Outriders: Journey into the Unknown
  18. Cyberpunk 2077
  19. PGA Tour 2K21
  20. Relicta
  21. El Hijo – A Wild West Tale
  22. Far Cry 6
  23. République
  24. Rock of Ages 3
  25. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  26. Serious Sam 4
  27. Sniper Elite 4
  28. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  29. Strange Brigade
  30. Superhot: Mind Control Delete
  31. Watch Dogs Legion
  32. Windbound
  33. Windjammers 2

Compatible/Supported Devices

Google’s Stadia can be played with gamepads on a computer, on a TV with a Chromecast Ultra, and on mobile devices. Following is the list:

  1. Pixel: 2, 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4, 4XL
  2. Samsung: S8, S8+, S8 Active, Note 8, S9, S9+, Note 9, S10, S10+, Note 10, Note 10+, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra
  3. OnePlus: 5, 6, 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro 5G, 8, 8 Pro, Nord, 5T, 6T, 7T, 7T Pro, 7T Pro 5G
  4. Asus: ROG Phone, ROG Phone II, ROG Phone III
  5. Razer: Phone, Razer Phone II


Stadia is available in the following countries, these are:

  1. UK
  2. US
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Denmark
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Italy
  10. Ireland
  11. Netherlands
  12. Norway
  13. Spain
  14. Sweden

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Final Words

Well readers cum players, this is all about Google’s stadia pricing, availability, etc. Thanks to such online cloud gaming platforms for making the availability of games so easy and for all! Comparing to Stadia, Microsoft’s Project xCloud is growing every day too. Players have good choices to select from and ick the suits best to them.


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