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Google’s new Upcoming Feature- “Guest Mode”.



Google's new Upcoming Feature- "Guest Mode".

Google Assistant comes with a new “Guest Mode” feature.


  • The New Guest Mode feature will be going to activate in the coming weeks.
  • It comes with turn on/off feature.
  • You can delete the previous query by using Voice Command.

Google is launching a few new privacy features day by day. Now, it comes with the most interesting feature Guest mode for the Google Assistant. This new Guest mode is more likely to the incognito mode in your browser.

Google Assistant is available in many devices from speakers, smartphones to led TVs. After its launch, it got its new feature of voice search. Now, Google Assistant spring out with a brand new feature of “Guest Mode”. When the Guest mode is turned on, your interactions with Google Assistant will not be saved to your account.

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guest mode feature

Guest Mode will be going to activate soon in the coming weeks. You can turn on/off guest Mode by using Voice Command. For Example-” Hey google! Turn on Guest Mode”. After turning off the Guest mode, you’ll get the full personalized Google Assistant experience again.

Sometimes, you don’t want Google Account will save your Assistant searches. Guest Mode will help you to do the same.

A similar feature was added to Google Maps last year. The incognito mode of Google Maps doesn’t save map activity to the users’ accounts, including the places they searched.

You can also delete what you have said to Google Assistant by using the Voice feature. Before this feature, the Google Assistant saves all of your queries into your account. You need to delete this data manually or have Google automatically delete them after 3, 18, or 36 months.

Google stated that the security of its products is based on three core rules – holding your data safe, treating it responsibly, and placing you in management.

The blog post also revealed that Google will start sending critical security alerts directly to users when using a Google app rather than your email. So if you are using Google Maps and there is a security alert, you will be notified with the app. The notification will come via a flashing red icon on your Google Account profile picture in the corner.

A few times ago, Google introduced improvements to password safety and different security options for Chrome’s newest model, in addition to the browser on Android and iOS.

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