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Govt frames new rules to hold social media, OTT accountable for content



Twitter Facebook may not be able to operate


  • The Central government notified New guidelines for Social Media Entities.
  • The New Rules Include The First originator Tracking and Three Tier mechanism for a redressal mechanism.
  • OTT and Digital Media platforms will be Accountable For Content in their platform.

1. The First Originator Tracking

The New rules also make it mandatory for all chat messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook to identify the first originator of the information that helps to identify the person who circulates Fake news on online platforms.

These Rules help users to stop circulate fake news on social media platforms and penalty and jail liability provisions in rules to penalize the person who spread inappropriate information.

Earlier governments face a lot of problems in the lockdown phase to stop circulating Fake news that leads to increase Covid cases. Now, these rules will completely remove this problem.

2. OTT and Digital Media Accountable For Content in Social Media Rules

The Indian Government also created a Code of Ethics for digital platforms which is a mandatory requirement to control them. The news rules will become applicable to every OTT platform such as Netflix, Zee5, Prime Video, and other digital media entities. The OTT Platforms are now require to classify their content into five categories based on the users’ age group.

3. Three- Tier Mechanism

The Social Media Entities that have a large no of users specified by the Government are required to appoint three employees that are residents in India to provide a grievance redressal mechanism to the users.

  • Chief Compliance Officer: That Ensures compliance with the act and rules made by the government.
  • Resident Grievance Officer: Accountable for all functions listed in the grievance mechanism.
  • The last is the person responsible for coordination with law enforcement agencies and officers.

4.  Establishment Of Regulatory Bodies for Social media rules

The regulatory bodies will be established, that is headed by retired Supreme Court Judge or High Court Judge that will ensure compliance of new rules by online social media entities and OTT platform

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