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The Best Danish Movies of All Time



Danish Films

Danish cinema is generally not as internationally well-known as films from other European countries. But when you stop to look at the iconic directors to have come from Denmark, and the number of incredible movies that have been made in the Scandinavian country, it’s clear that Danish cinema should be lauded by audiences and critics as much as movies created by countries like France. If you’re new to Danish films, you will want to check out the following five classics.

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The Olsen Gang Sees Red

 If you’re from Denmark, you are sure to be very familiar with the Olsen Gang franchise. The first movie came out in 1968. Over the next thirty years, a further thirteen films were released. The Olsen Gang is so popular in Denmark that there has been a spin-off TV show, two animated sequels, and even a spin-off musical. With such immense cultural popularity in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, it’s surprising there has not yet been an Olsen Gang video game or slot game. But Danes and others can still enjoy playing hundreds of other fabulous slot games at Casumo online. Out of the fourteen films in the franchise, the eighth movie from 1976, The Olsen Gang Sees Red, is the best. The three gang members, headed by master heist-plotter Egon Olsen, attempt to steal a Chinese vase that’s worth millions. Needless to say, a plethora of farcical adventures occur. The Olsen Gang Sees Red is the highest-grossing Danish film of all time.



The 2009 film debut of writer and director Martin Zandvliet tells the story of an actress trying to reclaim her life and her family after suffering the horrors of alcoholism and divorce. The protagonist uses her charm and manipulation to break free from the past, regain control of her life and get her kids back, by trying to convince her ex-husband. However, she can barely persuade herself that she is ready. Applause provides an inspiring and intelligent take on the nature of addiction and the long road to recovery. The film won numerous awards, including the Critics’ Choice Award at the Zurich Film Festival.


Master of the House

Plenty of iconic-filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer’s films could contend for the best Danish movies of all time. Pictures like Ordet, Day of Wrath, and Vampyr, remain classics to this day. But the 1925 silent drama Master of the House is arguably his best. The plot follows tyrannical husband Viktor Frandsen and his wife Ida. After Ida has a breakdown from Viktor’s escalating demands and goes to her mother’s home to recuperate, Viktor’s nanny from when he was a boy returns to take over the household duties. And she gradually begins to teach Viktor how to be gracious and more accommodating.


Breaking the Waves

With such classic films as Melancholia, Antichrist, and Dancer in the Dark to his name, director and screenwriter Lars von Trier has become the most internationally successful filmmaker from Denmark in recent times. The 1996 picture Breaking the Waves is perhaps von Trier’s most highly-acclaimed movie. It is set in the Scottish highlands of the early 1970s and follows a woman whose husband asks her to have sex with other men after he becomes paralyzed from a work accident. The uncomfortable story is made even more provocative with von Trier’s discontinuous sound, jump cuts, and direct addresses to the camera. Breaking the Waves has won various respected awards, including the Grand Prix at Cannes in 1996.


Pelle the Conqueror

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Pelle the Conqueror won numerous awards upon its release, including the Palme d’Or at Cannes and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The 1987 epic film is based on the novel of the same name by writer Martin Andersen Nexø. The plot involves a Swedish father and son immigrating to Denmark to build a new life for themselves. Pelle Hvenegaard puts in a fantastic performance as the young Pelle, but it is Max von Sydow as the father who outstandingly shines in this movie. Set toward the end of the 19th century, Pelle the Conqueror depicts a dark portrait of the harshness of trying to live in a new country when the odds are against you.


Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Should Know



Love Alarm Season 2

Have you watched love Alarm season 1 and now looking for Love alarm season 2? Do you want to know everything related to release about Season 2? Korean Dramas and movies are always loved by people. The cuteness that these series shredded on the whole scene is just awesome. Today I am going to share everything we know so far about Love alarm Season 2.

Today is the era of Online streaming and people love to watch shows and movies online. Online streaming platforms have gained popularity rapidly and people find it more convenient to watch. Interesting series like Love Alarm, Money Heist, Stranger things, and many more are available on Netflix. Love Alarm revolves around the story of a disruptive technology that enables users to discover love through an application. The app notifies whether someone within the range of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. And here all it begins…

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and What We Know So Far

Love Alarm Season 2: Expected cast

As this is going to be Season 2, not many changes are expected in the cast. however, some twists and turns are always exciting.

  • Kim So-Hyun as Kim Jo-jo is a beautiful and hardworking girl who is bright and cheerful despite her family’s painful history.
  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh is a handsome model who grew up in a rich family and likes Jo-jo.
  • Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-Yeong is Sun-oh’s best friend who likes Jo-jo.

Plot and Trailer

Director Lee Na-Jeong said in an interview that if season 1 would be a hit then only they would think of season 2. Fortunately, Love alarm season 1 gained a lot of love from fans and become a hit. Then in October 2019, Netlfix Greenlit for Love alarm season 2. However, due to the pandemic, the production had slowed down.

One of the main reasons why Season 1 has gained so much popularity is its soothing soundtrack. Starting from Love alarms to love in my little mind to Blooming story and raindrop, everything sound and song is so peaceful that fans would love to hear them and Music like that one more time with another season.

Season 1 ended up with Cliff hanger and fas are now eagerly waiting for Season 2. Who jo-jo will go to choose to be in her life?

According to the famous platfrom webtoon, Lee Hye-Yeong confesses his feeling for jo-jo created a further dilemma for her. This is going to be very interesting!

Love alarm Season 1 had 8 episodes in total and came in August 2019. So, it is very much expected that Season 2 will come with 9 episodes. Look at the trailer below

Love alarm Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 was expected to be released in 2019 but due to pandemic around the world, it is delayed a bit. The fans and audience are already waiting and they have to wait for a little longer than expected.

So now the expected date of love alarm season 2 is October 2020.

When will Money Heist Season 5 Returns on Netflix

Final words

Well friends, how do you like the article? This is all about love alarm Season 2 we know so far.

Share your feedback. Thank you!

8 Best Vampire TV Shows on Netflix to watch in 2020

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The Vampire Diaries Season 9 update: Is it happening or not?



The Vampire Diaries Season 9 update_ Is is happening or not_

Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries and waiting for Season 9? If yes then this article is purely written for you! Today I am here with all the fresh updates on Vampire Diaries Season 9. With 171 episodes of 8 seasons for over the time span of around 8.5 years, the Vampire Diaries is winning hearts!

Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular American Television series ever. The Drama, Romance, Hatred, And every other played role made the series beloved of all. Developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. Starting from the very first Episode in the air in 2009 to its last season last episode in 2017, Vampire Diaries has executed a beautiful journey and made a huge fan base. The fan following of the show is so high that a new season 9 is expecting by all. But is Season 9 coming? Scroll down to Know more!

Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Should Know

Vampire Diaries Journey till Season 8

Season EpisodesFirst AiredLast Aired
122September 10, 2009May 13, 2010
222September 9, 2010May 12, 2011
322September 15, 2011May 10, 2012
423October 11, 2012May 16, 2013
522October 3, 2013May 15, 2014
622October 2, 2014May 14, 2015
722October 8, 2015May 13, 2016
816October 21, 2016March 10, 2017

Vampire Diaries Season 9

Talking to various lead actors of the season, it is said that everyone has said a No to season 9.

  • Ian Somerhalder, the sexiest, when he was asked about his reboot for the new season of The Vampire Diaries Season 9, he said that he is too young to play the sexiest sensational role of Vampire.
  • Nina Dobrev also refused to have her come back for the new season of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Kevin Williamson, the director of the series, said that he has been enrolled in a news thriller show.
  • Julie Plec is working on different assignments and has no idea to appear in season 9.

Vampire Diaries Season 9 is not coming and that’s for sure. So, it is always good to stay away from rumors prevailing around the web. Amid pandemic, many rumors and false news have covered the web that vampire Diaries Season 9 is coming.  Season 8 has already summed up the things and there are no chances for brand new Season 9. Well if season 9 would appear in 2021, then also the season will not gain popularity as the main cast would be missing!

Final Verdict

If you are a hard-core fan of Vampire Diaries then let me break your heart for one final time that Season 9 is not coming and there is no official news yet.

So, rather than feeling disappointed, Its good to move for its alternatives. Online streaming is full of entertainment series and movies. Pick one and have a good time. If season 9 would come, then it would be great but if it’s not coming then need not to be disheartened.

I hope you would like the article. Share your words and stay tuned with us. We would update you on all the latest news related to vampire Diaries.

Share your feedback. Thank you!

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Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Twich Party Tools Launched : Missing Enjoying Movies With Friends? Create Chat Room, Check How?



The risk of coronavirus still remains and due to this, the interaction between people has reduced significantly. In such a situation, considering the danger of Corona, it is impossible to think of sitting together with a film or TV show with friends.

If friends are missing, there is no need to be upset. You can also watch new Bollywood and Hollywood films coming to other streaming platforms with Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos with friends sitting far away:

Netflix Party

In this phase of physical distancing, if you want to watch new Bollywood movies and web series on Netflix with friends, then you can take the help of Netflix Party Extension on the Chrome browser.

To watch movies on Netflix with friends sitting far away, both of them have to download this Chrome extension.

There is also a good collection of Hindi films and web series on Amazon Prime Video.

If you want to enjoy the film with friends, then there is an official party tool. Here to host a movie-show with friends, the host must first install Twitch Studio.

Hulu Watch Party

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu is also a video streaming service. . Hulu is also an official watch party tool, but it is only available to subscribers with an ad-free plan and it works only with the web.

How To Watch Movies With Friends? How To Create a Chat Room?

  • To watch movies with friends, click on the watch party icon. Hosts will be able to add only eight friends to it.
  • After clicking on the watch party icon, a unique URL will be found. You can then share this URL with friends who want to watch movies with them. In this, you also get the facility of the chat room.

Meta stream

This watch party tool supports Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. It exists as a Chrome and Firefox extension. After installing it, you have to give a nickname. You can then run the extension.

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