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Home testing kit : India approves home Based test for Covid-19!!



Home testing kit


  • India approves a home test for Covid-19 that costs around 250 per kit.
  • A new test kit approved by the ICMR can deliver results for coronavirus infection in 15 minutes.
  • It will also bring down the cost of testing significantly.

We believe COVID testing should be more widely available, in more places, where people work, live, and study. Today we’re pleased to say ICMR has approved a home-based testing kit for Covid-19.

The home test will be affordable, accessible and ensures confidence in the home-testing process. Costing Rs 250, it is the lowest available price for the COVID-19 testing service. The home testing mobile app is available in Google play store and Apple store and must be downloaded by all users.

The new Corona test kit has a definite advantage over the existing testing method which takes 2-3 hours in delivering results. This development comes at a time when India is testing around 15 lakh samples a day and aims to increase its manifold in the backdrop of the massive rise in the number of fresh coronavirus cases over the last month.

ICMR Said:

The ICMR has made it clear that only symptomatic individuals and immediate contacts of people who tested positive in the laboratory, should use the home test.

  • ICMR states that individuals who test positive consider true positives and no-repeat testing are required
  • All symptomatic individuals who test negative must get tested by RTPCR as RATs are likely to miss few positive cases with low viral load.

Home testing kit: Guidelines

  • The test kits can be purchased without a prescription from local pharmacies and online channel partners.
  • Do not leave the test device unused once opened for more than 5 minutes.
  • Take the test result picture from your mobile and upload it. Wait for the application result.
  • CoviSelf will provide results in 15 minutes.

Hasmukh Rawal, M.D. of Mylab Discovery Solutions said:

“With CoviSelf, we are sharing the power of testing early with the citizens. It will save thousands of lives. For India, we will make millions of kits available at fraction of the cost of such kits in the US.”

The company will start shipping out tests within a few days. Mylab’s current production capacity is 70 lakh tests per week and plans to increase its capacity to 1 crore tests per week within 14 days.

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