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Hotstar Hostages Season 2: Everything you need to Know



Hostages Season 2

Do you know when Hostages Season 2 is going to release? Hostages is a popular web series on Hotstar that’s not only popular among Indians but promoted as an international web series.  This Indian Crime Thriller genre is attracting viewers around the globe. The news has rumored over the web about Hostages Season 2 release date, cast, and other related information. Today I am going to discuss all Hostages Season 2 in this article.

Hostage Season 1 came up with 10 episodes and it was a great hit. Starting from a threat scene to Betrayal, all 10 episodes were released on the same date, 31st May 2019. After that, Hotstar hostages season 2 would be expected to be released in 2020. Due to pandemic, season 2 is facing delay and is not going to release a little later.  Do you know what is the main reason behind the popularity of the series? It’s a multilingual feature! The web series is available in various languages and thus loved by region-specific people. The other reason would be its proficient solid members. Scroll down to know more!

Before we Start

Hostages series has the adaptation of an Israeli series with the same name. You might get confused with the release of season 2 with this Israeli series. Hostages Season 1 on Hotstar has 10 episodes the same as the original Israeli series. The season 2 in Israeli series has 12 episodes and it is thus expected that Hotstar Hostage Season 2 episode 12 would be the last one in the season. The story revolves around a feminine surgeon who’s pressured to kill the chief minister in order that she will save her family who’s held captives.

Hostages season 2 downloads are available over the web. just google search and pick a good link.

On-Screen Faces For Next Season: Cast

After watching the trailer, it is very clear that leading actors would be the same Tisca Chopra and Ronit Roy. Apart from this, other interesting characters would also be seen in Hostages Season 2, Parvin Dabas, Aashim Gulati, Mohan Kapoor, Malhaar Rathod, Sharad Joshi, Surya Sharma, and Anangsha Biswas.

In an Interview, Sudhir Mishra said: “The edit of all the episodes is done. The background music is being done. We are a little slow because we can’t meet, but things are happening. We are trying to adjust to this new way of working. I think the second season will come by May end,”!

Hostages Season 2 release Date

According to the above statement, we can assume that the season will come out in May 2021. It’s far, but the wait is worth it! The trailer has already hit the internet and social media platforms.

In the same interview, Sudhir Mishra also added that “A family can sit together and watch it. We haven’t sensationalized just because there was this freedom. It is not dark for the sake of it. It follows the integrity of the story”!

As we all know that the first season of Hostages has already been released on Star Plus channel and this release has an idea behind. Sudhir Misra said that “This is also an opportunity to check to what extent the TV audience is opening up. It is not necessary that they will only like over the top, loud storytelling. Maybe this will change the way we narrate stories on TV. In other places, TV had evolved tremendously before OTT came.”

Before you Go…

Hey Hostage viewers! Waiting for the next season is always exciting as well as tiring. Waiting endlessly without having proper knowledge of the release date is tiresome. I hope this article would help you with the all basic information about Hotstar Hostage Season 2 release according to assumptions and interviews.

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Hotstar Hostages Season 2 Release date, cast, Plot, and Spoilers

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