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How Gaming Will Boost the Indian Job Market



There is no doubt that gaming is big news in India. The digital gaming industry looks very healthy and has attracted investment from big names including Tencent, Youzu and Nazara. Incredibly, there are around 250 game development companies in the country and it’s estimated that around two new startups join the industry each month.

The market is also diverse with iGaming having a large fanbase in the country. As an Indian spokesperson for JustGamblers said,

“Betting has burst onto the online gaming scene for cricket, horse racing, poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, sports, and more.”

This is good news as diversity brings even more growth to the industry. Even respected sites like Forbes are commenting on the growth of gaming in India.

Growth brings Gaming careers

Obviously, a healthy gaming market creates an environment for the creation of associated jobs. There are usually thousands of gaming-related job openings available at any one time. Salaries range from around Rs 3 lakh to around Rs 40 lakh, depending on the role.

When it comes to roles in the gaming industry there are a variety of different opportunities that are commonly available. These opportunities are for roles including:

  • Game designer.
  • Animator.
  • Audio engineer.
  • DevOps engineer.
  • Game testers.

These are all essential roles in the industry.

A bright future for the Indian gaming industry

It’s not just now that the Indian gaming industry looks to be in good shape; it seems to have a very bright future too.

There are several technological advances that are having a positive impact on the gaming industry in India and across the world. This includes the growth of VR and AR gaming. This means that there are likely to be many more roles in these areas in India in the coming years.

India also provides a big market for smartphone gaming. This means that there are significant opportunities for mobile app developers in the country. Given the reluctance of many Indian smartphone gamers to make large in-app purchases, it seems likely that a great deal of this development will be involved with looking into the potential of micro-payments.

A further area which is likely to be heavily developed in the future of gaming in India is Cloud gaming. Massive web names like Google and Microsoft are already looking at what Cloud-related gaming products they can offer in India. This could mean that Cloud development is high on the agenda for many gaming companies in the country. This leads the way open for Cloud specialists who want to build a career in the gaming industry.

In summary

The gaming industry in India is already big and it continues to grow at a fast pace. As the industry expands, so more jobs are created. This means that Indians who want to become involved in an industry that is exciting and continually evolving have the opportunity to do so.

They can put their skills in areas such as VR and Cloud computing to use creating gaming content to engage gamers in India and across the world.


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