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How ‘social audio’ is becoming new sensation? Check details



Yet, the conversations that room opened up are a valid justification why social sound is slowly achieving a significant change in social media. From Twitter to Facebook, Spotify, and even LinkedIn, everyone wants a piece of this new ‘social sound’ pie. For the moment, however, Clubhouse seems to be making the most noise in this space.

The ‘social sound’ pie

While Clubhouse has all the attention in the sound space, it is certainly not the first, and passing by the number of clones, it will not be the last. India-based Leher application has been doing social sound and video since 2018. Just like Clubhouse, one can host rooms and do sound or even video chats. In any case, Vikas Malpani, prime supporter for Leher, admits the ‘hype cycle’ around Clubhouse is currently higher. In his view, pandemic-induced boredom has boosted the development of such formats.

“There is no other alternative. Long structure conversations are impossible on text. What’s more, group conversations are even harder on text, then you have no other alternative except for sound/video,”

The development in sound is also a reason why Flyx, a social network to discuss and discuss movies and TV shows, decided to dispatch its own sound visit application called Bakstage this year. The prominence of Clubhouse “cemented” their idea that “there is huge scope in sound,” said Shashank Singh, prime supporter, and CEO of Bakstage.

As far as Singh can tell, one advantage of sound apps is that “you can put the application behind the scenes. Furthermore, you can continue doing what you were doing before.” It reduces the need to engage with the screen constantly. That definitely works for Clubhouse where the sound from the Room you are essential for continues even in the event that you are browsing another application.

For the present, Clubhouse’s founders are confident…

that their focus on sound alone sets them separated from every one of the huge names joining the space. Also, the numbers look positive so far. Despite being limited to iOS till May 2021, Clubhouse has already crossed 5 million downloads on Google Play Store with 1,000,000 downloads in India alone. As indicated by information from Sensor Tower, the application is among the top twenty on iOS in India during the current week, however, it’s anything but a fall. On Android, its positioning is path lower for the same period.

Still, it has managed to draw some of the enormous names from Bollywood such as Vidya Balan, Zoya Akhtar on the stage. What’s more, it’s difficult for celebrities, yet politicians and spiritual leaders in India are also taking to the stage. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh was also important for a room recently discussing his latest book. BJP MP Tejasvi Surya is also on the stage. Yoga master Sadhguru is also on the stage and was essential for a space to discuss ‘International Yoga day.’

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