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How to Build a Website: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners



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There are over 1.8 billion active websites on the web at this very moment. That’s a lot of websites, which means if you want to make one yourself, you have to do it the right way in order to stand out in the crowd.

The good news? We can help!

In this article, we’ll tell you how to build a website from the ground up. We’ll also give you some advice on maintaining that website, so you can turn it into a solid revenue stream for your brand or business.

Sign up for Web Hosting

Before you start worrying about what your website looks like, or even what it’s called, you first need to sign up for web hosting. Doing this is easy, affordable, and something you can handle 100% yourself.

Not sure which web hosting provider is right for you? Take a look at real customer reviews and pick the service that stands out the most to you. Something with a good customer service program, like Bluehost, is recommended.

Register a Domain Name

Once you have your hosting account setup, it’s time to register a domain name. Outside of being catchy and clever, you want to make sure your domain name has your main keyword in it somewhere.

For example, if you’re starting a blog about hiking, having the word “hiking” in your domain name is a good idea. That’ll help your site rank higher on search engines once it goes live, which will allow you to generate more traffic.

Map Out Your Site on Paper

We get it. You’re excited to start playing around with your website and want to get to the fun part: designing your overall layout. While it’s fun to do this on the computer, we recommend that you draw out your site on paper beforehand to get the best results.

This will help you get a good idea of what your site needs to look like before you start working on designing it on the web. And if web design isn’t your area of expertise, consider investing in a top rated web designer to ensure the job gets done the right way.

Bring Your Site to Life

Got the drawing of your website all mapped out on paper? Now you can finally bring it to life using a website builder plugin on your preferred content management system.

Having that drawing will allow you to focus on creating, without having to do much thinking, which is a huge plus. It’ll also give you something to show a web designer, should you decide to outsource the process.

Tweak Your Site Over Time

After your website goes live, you’ll start to get feedback from your audience rather fast. From comments and reviews to traffic data via analytics, it’s important to listen to your audience and tweak your website overtime with their wants and needs in mind.

This is the key to not only generating more traffic but having a website that is sustainable for years.

A Guide on How to Build a Website

As you can see, knowing how to build a website from the ground up isn’t as complicated as you may have believed.

As long as you have a solid plan, and aren’t afraid to ask for help when you need it, you should be able to create the website of your dreams in no time!

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