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How to fix a water damaged phone: Best Ways To Save Your Smartphone!



How to fix a water damaged phone


  • Nowadays the craze of smartphones is quite high among people.
  • If the phone gets wet even in the rain, then there can be trouble.
  • Waterproof phones are also coming into the market nowadays, due to being expensive, not everyone can buy them.

If your phone gets wet or if water runs in it, then we are telling you some tips with which you can fix your phone.

How to fix if water runs in the phone?

1- If water has run in your phone and it is still on, then first turn off the mobile.

2- Now remove the SIM card and micro-SD card from your phone. If the battery can be removed, either remove it or take out the non-removable battery at a shop.

3- After That, First, dry the water in the phone with a cloth completely.

4- Now leave the phone inside a sack or box of rice. Keep in mind that the phone should be completely covered with rice.

5- Now leave it inside the rice for at least 24 hours. Then check whether the phone is on or not?

What not to do after the phone falls into the water?

1- Firstly if water runs in your phone, do not try to turn on the phone at all. Many users, after removing the phone from water, turn it on and off to check. Do not do this at all.

2- Secondly, after removing the phone from water, do not even try to charge it. This can damage the phone.

3- If the phone becomes wet or gets soaked in water, do not use a hairdryer to dry it. The hairdryer gives very hot air, which can damage the parts of the phone.

4- Do not dry the phone with strong wind, it can spoil even more parts. Many times the water from the air also reaches the other dry part.

If for some reason your phone is not on, then the battery may be damaged. You can get a professional check. If the phones become turned on, then check the speakers of the smartphone. If everything is going on then the phone is perfectly fine.

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