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How to Get Free EA Access Codes? Top methods



How to Get Free EA Access Codes_

Undoubtedly, EA access is home to gamers. Electronic arts is a gaming service that lets you try PS4 and Xbox games before their actual launch. However, you have to purchase a membership for it. Pay $4.99 per month, get free game service, and also buy one EA game at a 10% discount. However, you can save some bucks if you subscribe for a full year for $29.99. Paying such an amount is no offense and thus people search out for EA access codes. Today I am going to share a few methods on How to get Free EA access code.

We consider Advance trials and purchase discounts are a big thing! But Spending your hard-earned money just for fun is never easy unless you are earning in a thousand dollars. A subscription fee though not a big amount but not everyone can even pay this much. Why put holes in the pocket when you have other methods to get Free EA access codes. So, in order to grab free codes, scroll down!

Before We Start: What kind of games you can get with EA?

Here is a list of games that you can get with EA:

  • NFS
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Battlefield 5
  • FIFA 19
  • NBA LIVE 19
  • Madden 19
  • Battlefront
  • Titan fall and many more…

How to Get Free EA Access Codes?

There are a lot of methods to get Free EA access codes. Here I am sharing some to ease out your problem and I hope you would like it.

Method 1: GPT Sites

Survey sites work incredibly awesome. These sites are very genuine and will pay you something in return for your hard work. You have to complete some surveys over the website and the website pays you prizes and coupons in return. Actually these sites have to tie up with big brands and big brands always want genuine Feedbacks. So, the site works as a user visit the website and register there, GPT site starts the survey procedure. This might include watching videos, going through a questionnaire, downloading apps, etc. after completing your work, the GPT site will give you a coupon or rewards.

Some of the GPT sites are Swagbucks, Rakuten, Prize Rebel, Prize Rewards, etc.

Method 2: Official Request

You may ask for Free EA access code direct form support. Follow the steps below to execute this:

  1. Open a web browser, chrome, and Open
  2. if you have an account on EA then login to your account but if you do not have then create one.
  3. Now, wait a while until the customer care representative contacts you. The time taken will depend on availability.
  4. On a call with Customer support, tell them that your EA code is not functioning. Pretend that you do not have any much knowledge regarding EA code and you want one for free access.
  5. Now, the customer care representative will ask for code, do not tell the exact code available on manual. Instead, tell any random code. Usually, an EA Access code is made of 16 characters and if you own a 25 figure then it is of Xbox Live code and seems to be like 2AMPC6OEF9GHS9V3.
  6. Next, the representative may ask you where you have bought the game. Name any big retailer like Walmart, BestBuy, GameStop, or target and show that you are doing efforts to return the game but it’s not working out.
  7. if the representative will believe in your words, he will provide you new EA access code absolutely free. Grab and enjoy it!

However, we would not recommend this method to use. This is purely a hit and trial method and works only 0.1%.

Method 3: Request for leftover codes

If anyone of your known has bought an Xbox game, they get one month EA Access. So, you may request them for the code, and if they are to a request gamer, they ould love to share code with you.

Method 4: Free trials

EA offers free trials occasionally! Keep an eye on the EA home page and their twitter page to grab free trials.

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Before you Go: Beware of Online Generators

There is an enormous number of EA free code generator websites available on the web. But here you do not have to stop!

Such sites take all your energy, take work from you, and in return give you nothing. These look like GPT sites but actually these come with the name of code generators. These sites just take all our energy and give us nothing. Do you know how these sites work? Read below.

  1. Search for Online EA code generator websites in Google search.
  2. You will get hundreds of results. choose one and open.
  3. Open the website, create an account there, and log in to your account. Add details like name, email ID,  device name, model number, and ask you to generate a password.
  4. Now you have signed up, the next step is to obtain the code.
  5. As soon as you click on the redeem button, what’s next? you are trapped! Oops! The button is barred!
  6. Now they will ask you to complete surveys to unlock the button. And this process will be never-ending.

These sites earn money this way and leave you tired only and gives you nothing. So beware!

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Final words

Readers, I hope you would like the article. So, these are the top methods to get free EA access codes. Try them out and share with us which method suits you the best.

Share your feedback. Thank you!


Fortnite vs Apex Legends – Which Battle Royale is Better?



Fortnite vs Apex Legends – Which Battle Royale is Better?

Fortnite vs Apex Legends. For which game you should go with? That’s the big confusion among Gamers. But needn’t worry. This article is dedicated to you.

Here I will mention the plus and minus points of both the games-Fortnite vs Apex Legends. Read the whole article, then you will able to decide which is better for you.

Both Fortnite and Apex Legends are battle royale games. They are free. In both games, players have to compete against a huge number of competitors. The last one standing on the Island will be declared a winner.

The games allow players to buy promotional items like clothing, weapons by using in-game currencies that can either be earned or bought with real money.

Apart from many similarities, there are a lot of differences between Apex Legends and Fortnite, though, and knowing what they are can help make the decision of which is the game you should be playing.

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Fortnite vs Apex Legends

#1: Building

 In Fortnite, it’s as important that you cut down trees and break rocks to get building materials. Those materials allow you to construct things like walls and stairs. Building things can protect you from gunfire and can help you navigate the map.

There is no building in Apex Legends.

#2: Third-Person Versus First Person

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Online Casinos: A Tech Industry That Continues To Grow



Casinos have been a part of society for thousands of years. Throughout history, people have always dabbled with games like poker and roulette. Gambling has been a bedrock in the entertainment world and in recent years, online casinos have seen enormous growth. That’s because digital technology has transformed the entire market. Most of today’s consumers use smartphones to access games and movies, and as a tool for their everyday lives.

The growth of online casinos has been intrinsically linked to the rise of digital. It’s now easier than ever to play gambling games on any UK online bingo site, including Betfair. The site offers a range of bingo games including classics and newer titles that incorporate slot-style gameplay, and online casinos will continue to grow as people seek out more games. With iGaming becoming a dominant force in entertainment, what better time to look at the key factors that are driving this industry.


It’s no secret that in the current digital era, there’s less of a need to visit a physical business. We’re living in an on-demand society. It only takes a tap of a smartphone to access products or start enjoying our favorite games, and thanks to this, people can now gamble in the comfort of their own homes. The beauty of digital technology is that everything is available and easy to access. People want entertainment instantly without having to spend time looking for the right content. In every industry, businesses have had to adapt to solving their consumers’ problems and fuel the demand for instantaneousness.

While there are many debates around whether we’ve lost the human touch, it can’t be denied that businesses of all kinds have benefited from digital platforms. Now, companies can reach new customers and grow their brands more effectively. Online casinos provide an abundance of convenience and speed, giving people the chance to play their games of choice from anywhere. The overall gaming industry has changed in the pursuit of innovation, and to keep up with the expanding demographics, and online casinos remain at the heart of this evolution.

The Variety

In the online casino world, there’s a large variety to keep people coming back for more, as every website has games to satisfy different players’ interests. Many of these games have been updated with new additions and bonuses, to ensure users always have different styles of games to play.

The key benefit of online casinos is that people have access to thousands of titles. This means that users can easily switch between games and have greater control over their online experiences. With this variety, online casinos can build better customer relationships and improve retention by keeping customers satisfied with their products and services.

iGaming still has massive potential to grow even bigger. As more investors start to move into the industry and as new technologies emerge, online casinos will continue to expand their reach. In the future, we may even see casino websites with an added personalisation for specific customers. This will no doubt have a massive impact on the way we consume and enjoy entertainment.

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How to Make Money Playing Fortnite ($100+ per month)



How to Make Money Playing Fortnite ($100+ per month)

Want To Make Money Playing Fortnite?

Fortnite is played all across the globe. It is one of the most popular games. Gamers spent many hours in front of the screen to play Fortnite. But what will be your reaction if you get to know that you can make money playing Fornite?

YES, You have heard right. Here, I gonna tell you the best ways to make money playing Fortnite.

Isn’t it cool!

But before this, let me first discuss what Fortnite is?

Fortnite is an online battle royale game. It is free to download, so you don’t need to spend any money from your pocket to play.

In this game, 100 players were dropped on an island. They have to find weapons and eliminate their enemies.

The last person standing on the Island is the winner. You can enjoy this game with your friends.

Another reason why Fortnite has become popular is that you can play it on any type of platform, from PC, mobile phone, and tablet.

Best Ways To Make Money Playing Fortnite

Here, I am going to share the best and easy way to make money playing Fortnite.

#1: Play in 3rd Party Tournaments

Platforms such as TheSportsHub, Tournaments, and GamerzArena are few of the sites that host online tournaments. Anyone can make money playing Fortnite by joining an online tournament.

Fortnite also has a special in-game tournament with a prize fund of $20,000. However, this tournament reserved for top gamers like Ninja, Lachlan, and Dakotaz.

Last year, 16-year old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won $3 million after winning the Fortnite World Cup in New York!

#2: PlayVIG

PlayVIG is a website that allows you to complete quests in your favorite video games to earn coins. You can then redeem these coins for PayPal, products, or gift cards.

PlayVIG doesn’t work only in Fortnite. You can use PlayVIG in several other games such as Rocket League, League of Legends, PubG, Apex Legends, and many more.

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#3: Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is an online platform. People stream themselves playing video games. There is a chat feature that allows viewers to chat with the person streaming.

If the streamer has more than 50 subscribers and has broadcast for at least 500 minutes in the past month can become Twitch Affiliates. They earn money from subscriptions.

#4: Streaming on YouTube

The Fortnite YouTube channel has 6.8 million subscribers. A huge audience of people is interested in watching Fortnite. You can make money by Uploading content on YouTube.

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#5: Getting Sponsors

Another way of making money by playing Fortnite is through brand sponsorship. This means that you have to promote or mention their products in your stream.

YouTube owns FameBit; an agency that connects video creators with companies who want to sponsor their content.

Twitch owns Bounty Board Program that connects you with brands through your Twitch dashboard.

Final Words

This post is all about the best ways to make money playing Fortnite. Hope you find this informative. Share your views in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share it maximum with your playmates.

Thanks for Reading!

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