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How to install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone right now



How to install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone right now

Do you want to “install iOS 14 beta version“? Apple has announced the release of iOS 14 in June but the actual release will come in Coming September/October. Do you want to wait till then or do you want to try it out now? IOS 14 has come up with many exciting features and if you want to try out those features, this article will be helpful for you. Today I am going to share how to install iOS beta on your phone, both developer beta and public beta.

Before proceeding for anything else, let me first tell you what is beta. Beta is the Trial version. Whenever a software or product is released, its beta version is released before the actual release. There are two types of betas, developer betas, and public betas. The developer beta is for developers and the public beta is for users. Some releases come with small tweaks while some come with many new features, and iOS 14 is one of them.

Can a user get developer beta?

There is no official link to download developer Beta but Google has the answer to all your queries and putting a search query “Download Developer beta for iOS14” will give you a lot of results. So, yes you can go for Developer beta but here are many more risks associated. This is against apple’s terms and conditions and if after installing developer versions anything happens to your device, that will not come under warranty then.

How to get User Beta?

Follow the steps below to get User beta on your device.


  1. Go to the Apple Beta page and Signup there.
  2. Register with your Apple ID.
  3. Login to the beta software program.
  4. Click Enrol your iOS device.
  5. Move to of your apple device.
  6. Go to the configuration profile.
  7. Download and install.
  8. Now the update is available on your device.
  9. Go to settings and then click on the software update.

How to Install iOS 14 beta (Developer) on your device?

Please note that The developer beta is for developers only, but if you still want to proceed, you may go ahead to this section.

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in using your Apple ID.
  4. Head to the Downloads section.
  5. Scroll down to the iOS14 beta profile.
  6. Accept terms and conditions and click Download for iOS beta profile.
  7. Go to general settings -> profile and tap to install.
  8. Thoroughly go through the developer’s consent form and you can give your consent also.
  9. now, Restart your iPhone.
  10. Move to settings.
  11. Get into general settings and then click on the software update.
  12. Tap download and install.
  13. Wait for your iPhone to finish downloading the update, then tap Install when prompted.

And if everything has worked the way it should, your iPhone will now be running the iOS 14 beta.

List of iPhones and iPads support iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Before you Go…

Before you close down this article and rush to download iOS beta on your device, I would like to share something. There are many risks associated with bets version, so I think it’s my responsibility to let you know before you proceed.

Do now expect the beta version to be a perfect version. Some things might not work here and some already working may get stopped. Its Risky!

Final words

Dear readers, how do you like the article? I hope you would find the article beneficial. Share it with friends and family and enjoy this latest release.

If anyone in your known wants to purchase a new iPhone then he/she can make a decision by using this iOS 14 release. Now you know how to Install iOS 1 beta easily, so go ahead. keep in mind the risks!

Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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