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How to Master Gambling Phrases and Become a Pro Player



Getting into gambling can be tricky, as it’s not just a case of learning the rules that govern the different games available, but also delving into the lingo and expanding your vocabulary so that you understand what’s going on from moment to moment.

If you want to overcome this obstacle and even go pro, this quick overview of the phrases you need to know and the steps you need to take to build a career in gambling will serve you well.

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Getting to grips with the terminology

Regardless of whether or not your ultimate aim is to forge your path as a successful professional gambler, you should definitely look into learning the main phrases used across the industry.

This easy-to-understand guide on gambling terminology provides a more in-depth look at the lexicon, but it makes sense to also focus on words and phrases that are specific to the game you want to play.

For example, poker is a game replete with its own colloquialisms, such as the ‘ante’, which is the required stake that all players must put up to participate in a given hand.

Likewise, if you want to experiment with slot machines, there are a whole heap of terms to learn, such as RTP (return to player) which dictates the percentage of the money that a game takes in from players which will subsequently be paid out as prizes.

The best way to actually master these must-know phrases is to get out there and start playing. The best part is that you can do so without risking any money, as the vast majority of online casino sites allow you to play demo versions of popular games that are identical to their fully-fledged counterparts, but do not require you to put cash on the line to experiment.

You can also learn a lot by watching the pros play, and since poker is not only broadcast with full commentary on networks like ESPN but also streamed live on Twitch, this is one of the most accessible types of gambling for newbies. Hearing terminology used in context by people who know what they are doing is instructive and entertaining in equal measure.

Learning the ropes proactively

While plenty of top gamblers are self-taught, and with online resources available today you can become an autodidact in the game of your choice if you wish, plenty of people instead choose to formalize their training with lessons offered up by experts.

Poker classes are the most popular choice, since this is a form of gambling that also includes an element of skill to the play, so it is not entirely based on luck. As such it makes sense to receive instruction from a specialist who understands all the terms and more importantly can explain them to you in a way that you will comprehend, even as a complete amateur.

Poker lessons are offered both in-person and online by many reputable individuals and organizations. You can also learn how to play other types of casino games, such as blackjack and baccarat, in a similar way.

The one form of gambling that makes less sense to take lessons in is slot machines, since the majority of these games are based entirely on randomness, with player skill having little to no bearing on the outcome of each spin. This also means that slot machines have a much shallower learning curve, so anyone can play without being stumped.

Going pro

The thing about becoming a professional gambler is that in most cases, you cannot simply start from scratch. In the world of poker, for example, you need a pot of cash to cover the buy-ins for tournaments, and even then there is no guarantee that you will actually walk away from the table with cash in your profit.

It is no surprise that the rise in online casinos has made going pro a little more straightforward than it was in the past. You can play from any location so long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device. You can also start small, getting the hang of games and only risking small amounts of money as you build your confidence and your capabilities.

A combination of experience and innate skills are needed to become a professional gambler, and this explains why only a select few manage to achieve this feat. Even so, if you find that you are quickly mastering a game, it may be a hobby that can turn into a career.

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