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How to prevent gaining weight during home quarantine



Being stuck at home during COVID-19 can be stressful, demanding and an arduous task, especially when you have to simultaneously manage your work, your family and your home. Constant worry over the prevalent pandemic situation outside your home, the need to stock up groceries and essentials and the insecurity over work front, and irregular sleep cycles, all add up to affect your health adversely. One of the major ways in which your lack of good health is exposed is through constant weight gain.

When you are quarantined at home, going through the daily chores without a proper schedule and plan can throw off all your healthy habits. The consequential weight gain may seem like a compromised byproduct of your quarantine lifestyle but it only takes your body farther away from good health in the long run. Hence, it is important to keep a check on the weighing scale while grappling with the rigors of life in these unprecedented times. Following are eight tips to ensure you don’t gain weight while staying under home quarantine.

8 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain during Home Quarantine. Source: Unsplash)

1) What You Eat and When You Eat?

Diet becomes the main aspect of your stuck-to-home life when you’re conscious about gaining weight. Especially at a time when your eating schedule goes for a toss while handling office work on the laptop. It is very much likely that you grab anything that is around you as your food preparation time has now been overlapped by going through that important work assignment. Conversely, you can end up eating more to subdue boredom which makes you obese quicker. Therefore, it is important to plan your day well in advance regarding what you’re going to eat every day and at what time.

Stick to a regular schedule and have breakfasts the same time each day. Plan a snack for your lunch and the afternoon. This will help you ease off on compulsive eating and you’ll be full throughout the day as per the requirements of your body. In cases when you are pressed for time, go for a plant-based diet like broccoli, pre cooked quinoa, canned beans, and brown rice and add nuts to your diet. Do not overeat especially when you haven’t accounted for the time you’re going to shed those extra calories.


2) Watch What You Buy/Order

Keep a check of what you are adding to your shopping cart at the nearby grocery store or for that matter double checking the food items you’re ordering online. Chances are that you’d be tempted to grab your favorite pack of potato chips and multiple cans of soft drink. However, make the correct choices and don’t pick junk and too much fatty and processed foods as they may take more time to fend those off from your system. Look for nutritious foods, high in protein and vitamins, rather than crave-worthy choices. Identify foods that are making you fat – ice cream, chocolate, crunchy snacks, burgers and pizzas – replace them with healthier alternatives like frozen yoghurt, sugarless/dark chocolate, chickpea pasta, green salads with light dressing, etc.


3) Watch Your Sleep

Bad sleeping patterns can hit your food habits big time and it is very important to sleep on time and wake up on time. Your sleep schedule will also affect your metabolism and your body’s reaction to physical activity. Take full control of your sleep habits.


4) Follow An Exercise Routine

It is imperative that you follow an active routine even if you can’t go out and hit the public gym. Even a small burst of physical activity helps reduce calories. Try taking the stairs in your apartment complex instead of the lift (do not hold the handrail), do brisk walking in daylight, preferably in parks where people are properly adhering to social distancing guidelines. Lot of health experts, influencers and celebrities are coming up with their at-home workout videos, get inspired to do your bit. Even actively doing the house chores – cleaning, dusting, laundry, doing the dishes, cutting the grass in the front yard, etc. – will all help you lose that extra fat from your body. If you’re an extremely figure conscious person, you can check out these fat burning supplements online.

5) Keep Yourself Busy

Keeping yourself busy will ensure that you derive happiness from things that don’t coax you into continuous munching from the handy snack bag of your kitchen store. Being involved in activities, be it taking up a hobby, playing a musical instrument, learning a skill enhancing course, etc., will help you stave off mindless eating which will go a long way in securing a healthy future for you.


6) De-Stress Yourself

Cleaning the house and regular physical activity will help you fight anxiety. Plus, there are more ways how you can de-stress yourself while quarantined at home, like, taking a break while watching the news, starting a journal, reading a new book, spending more quality time with your family, playing with the pet and finishing scheduled tasks on time.


7) Drink More Water

The best calorie-free hydrator is plain water. Drinking more water keeps your stomach fuller resulting in lesser eating pangs. Having more water increases body metabolism to burn fat and improve insulin sensitivity.


8) Connect with People (while being socially distant)

Being disconnected with your cycling club, the gym buddies and friends from dance class can take a toll on your motivation levels and even make you lethargic. It is best to take your social connection online and join your favorite classes via networking apps like Zoom, Google Meet, hangouts etc. Home quarantine provides an excellent chance to reconnect with your distant friends, ex-colleagues and relatives and enquire their wellbeing during a challenging time like this. Listening to other people’s struggles will make you feel grateful and prompt you to strive to the best of your efforts at home and at work.

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