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How to properly combine Men’s Jewelry



Jewelry is the term that is almost associated with women and their flashy and showy collection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The list goes on when it is about women. Let us make it clear that there are no vast collections of men’s jewelry. There is different men’s jewelry that needs to be properly combined to look stylish. Men’s jewelry could amp up the serious personal sense of style but you need to combine it right. While all women could pull off the diamond pair with an oversized and solid color necklace, there are some guidelines for men to follow and combine their jewelry. For most of the general settings that are a part of your daily life, including gym, office, and being out with friends, it must be always your priority to dress up properly. Putting together a variety of jewelry items might give men an unprofessional look.

Hang down your arm with a Smart Watch

There are most of the guys who will want to invest in a couple of amazing timepieces. They keep one for a dressy look and one for an everyday look. Smartwatches must always be a part of styling yourself in addition to all other wear outs. Men usually use the watch as the most used jewelry that ensemble their style and dressing. It gives power to their outfit. From everyday wristwear to formal dressing, there are tons of watch styles and models. To properly combine, you should always wear a watch on the opposite arm as it will reflect your style. It will not interfere with your movements and will make sure to look at your fit.

Avoid chunky style bracelets

Bracelets are common among men and women. But avoiding wearing chunky style bracelet makes a significant difference from women. In a men’s styling perspective, it avoids an oversized and chunky style pendant. The jewelry piece is an extra accessory for men that complements the outfit of men and gives them a unique statement. If you are wearing a suit or tank, never make a mistake to go wrong with the tough leather or metal bangle option. Just go for a unique Miansai option as shown in the picture. This will add a unique and simple touch to your outfit. If you got yourself a bracelet that you now realize is too chunky, you can always sell that piece of jewelry in a local store or online, and choose something better and more in accordance with our advice given here.


Hopping on earrings trend

The most visible styling in the men’s jewelry is earrings. If you are working in the corporate sector then it is very important to check your dress code requirements. Hopping on this trend does not suit every man but if you style up with a solid and dark color, then it might give you a look. Combine it by wearing it both ears with the matching color. You should always go for size 00 to not make the skin stretch permanently.

Styles to stick to- Adjustable Rings

Most men go up with a wedding band that must be always worn to show their commitment. There are also many styles to stick to wear rings that can make you look unique and classy. Go on with your favorite designs to add some swag in your personality. Working in a corporate environment can never limit your fashion. You can go with a simple and single-band ring to show your minimum glamor. Never go for wearing it on left-hand finger if you are not committed otherwise you can lose many chances to wear it officially. You can also go with our amazing collection of adjustable rings.

Those days are gone when men have limited styles. Just properly combine your jewelry to have a perfect dress up.


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