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How To Properly Install Your New Battery



This article does not address the replacement of a car remote battery, although that can be tricky; instead, the focus is on replacing the battery for your vehicle. Many drivers do not know how simple it is to swap out a car’s battery, so they pay mechanics to perform a task they could do for a fraction of the cost.

If you always wanted to learn how to swap your battery but always felt too intimidated to try, this is the article for you. Battery replacement comes down to understanding three concepts: knowing when a replacement is needed, understanding how to replace the battery, and learning where to recycle the old one.

How To Tell Its Time For a New Battery

There are several tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your car battery. First, electrical issues will start to occur, like your keyless car remote might work sporadically, or your headlights will dim. Second, your vehicle might require frequent jump-starts or take a long time to start. Third, the battery may be giving off a foul odor, like the smell of rotten eggs. If you notice such a scent, it can indicate the battery is faulty and leaking gas, meaning it is dangerous. Finally, when you look under the hood, you notice signs of corrosion on the battery casing or warping.

How To Install the Replacement

Before you begin the replacement, please turn off the vehicle, put it in park, and ensure the emergency brake is set. Then, wearing safety garments, open the hood, and locate the battery. You can purchase gloves and face masks at AutoZone if you do not have them on hand.

With the battery located, you will need to disconnect the cables. You can use a combination wrench or battery pliers to loosen the terminal nuts, but remember to always start with the negative battery cable. If you are struggling to remove the terminal, try using a terminal puller. With the negative line removed, you can remove the positive following the same process; loosen the nut and remove the terminal.

After removing both the negative and positive cables, you can use a combination wrench or socket wrench to remove the battery hold-down clamp. Then, remove the unit from the battery tray, being careful of the weight.

Following the removal, you will want to clean the tray and clamp of any corrosion with a battery cleaning solution. If you do not have a commercial solution, you can use baking soda. After cleaning the tray, you can use a wire brush and cleaning solution to clean the cable connectors.

Finally, you can place the new battery in the tray and secure it. Reattaching and tightening everything in reverse order. Do not forget to spray the terminal ends with an anti-corrosion solution before securing the cables. With everything reconnected and secure, try starting your vehicle.

How To Recycle Your Old Car Battery

Recycling an old car battery is not difficult. You can usually take it to an auto parts store or shop, especially if they sell new batteries.

Are you ready to swap out your old battery? Contact a local auto parts store if you need some extra help.


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