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How to record Google Meet Video Calls as a Participant not host?



Google Meet Video calls have been proven a wonderful for all students and employees. They can communicate with their teachers, attend meetings, and can get a classroom-like feel while communicating with their classmates and teachers. Similarly, many companies are also using this app for their corporate meetings.

but as we all are aware that the normal participant can’t record a video call. This right is limited to the host of the meeting. So in case you have missed any class or meeting, you usually take notes from your colleagues or classmates. Isn’t it? But if it becomes possible that a normal participant can also record video calls, then the whole process of learning will be very smooth. As you can take recorded video sessions from your buddies. And the process will be sorted.

So here we are discussing some amazing tricks to record Google meet video calls even if you are not a host of meetings. Check details below :

How to record Google Meet Video Calls as a Participant?

Follow the steps given below :

You have to download the OBS application from the Google Play Store and install it quickly.

 This application will allow you to record video calls during Google meet sessions.

 After installing the application launch it after launching the app now go to Google meet and stretch your window to its maximum capacity once you are done you will get a tool to record the video call just tap on this button to start recording the video and you are done.

 isn’t it so simple?

 So what are you waiting for?

Try this amazing hack and do let us know how it works for you.

 I hope this feature will enhance your learning experience and we’ll take it to another level. As if you are recording the video lectures you can use them whenever you need them again.  so later if you feel any difficulty in any topic or you want to recall what happened in the last meeting then you just can open that recorded video and start learning without any barriers.

We know that this lockdown Times has been very tough especially for the students as they cannot go to schools are colleges and have to depend on digital tools for their studies.  but the digital tools are growing so rapidly that they have eased the process  for all the students so that they can study without any troubles

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