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How’s 5G Going to Play Out for Online Bingo?



Once, not so very long ago, it seemed like the game of bingo was living on borrowed time. What had been a game enjoyed by millions seemed to be in something of a terminal decline with player numbers dropping off and bingo halls closing down. But then the internet arrived to rescue the game from oblivion. More and more online bingo sites started to appear and a whole new generation of players started to enjoy the game.

A number of leading names emerged with the very best of them providing new and exciting ways to play. A prime example would be Betfair bingo online, a site where innovation plays a big part in attracting and retaining players. With a mix of traditional games as well as ones themed around TV shows like “Deal or No Deal” and new variations like Slingo Bingo, it keeps things fresh and exciting to play.

Bingo fans are always looking for something new so bingo sites are quick to seize onto any tech that can give them an advantage. So it’s no big surprise that the next big thing that could work out very well indeed for them is the impending arrival of 5G technology. Why 5G? Simply because more and more players are accessing online bingo sites through their smartphones and mobile devices and connecting wirelessly.

To understand the difference that 5G could make to online bingo it’s first important to understand what players want from the game.

Unlike the “live” version of bingo as played in halls, the online version is much quicker and people tend to dip in and out of it rather than sticking around for a long session. So the greater speeds of 5G are sure to make the game itself much faster moving, not to mention providing a more stable connection.

Then there’s the question of making the game as involving as possible. One of the most interesting potential aspects of 5G is that it is increasing the ability to include haptic feedback. Up until now this has been largely confined to games played on the Xbox and other consoles but giving bingo players a buzz through their device when they’ve won, or are close to winning could also bring the game even more to life for them.

Then there’s the question of virtual reality. Up until now, this has been a fairly basic experience for phone and mobile device users. But it’s set to become a far richer experience thanks to 5G. To prepare for this, manufacturers like Samsung are developing mobile VR controllers, so the virtual bingo hall could also be just around the corner.

Last, but not least, the social aspect of bingo has also always been very important and 5G may well enhance the ways in which players can get together in chat rooms.

So it very much seems that online bingo will soon be making its next big leap forward – which is great news for the game’s operators and player alike.


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