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India Mobile Internet Speeds Dropped Further in January: Ookla Test



India Mobile Internet Speeds Dropped Further in January: Ookla Test

India Mobile Internet Speeds Dropped: Hi Readers!! If you think India’s internet performance improve in recent times, then you are wrong. India Performance is continuously falling and now India falls to 131st position on mobile internet download and upload speed in the ookla recent tests worldwide.


  1. India Mobile Internet Speeds Dropped according to Ookla’s World Speedtest Index in January.
  2. The country fell to 131st position in Jan, after 129th in December for its slower mobile internet speeds.
  3. Fixed-mobile broadband speeds in India maintain the 65th position in the global index.

 Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index for the month of January 2021 shows that:

India Mobile Internet Speeds Dropped:

The average mobile download speed in India drop by 3.8 percent to 12.41Mbps from 12.91Mbps in December.

The average upload speed in the country also dropped by 4.2 percent to 4.76Mbps. The country had 4.97Mbps of average upload speed in December, as per the previous data released by Ookla.

Currently, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Korea are in the first and second position where internet speeds are concerned globally, as per Ookla’s data. The average mobile download speed for UAE and South Korea were 183.03Mbps and 171.26Mbps in January 2021.

Fixed broadband speeds in January

In terms of fixed broadband, India remained in the 65th position on the Global Speedtest Index in January.

India Registered an Average download speed of 54.73Mbps — over 1.5 percent up from the 53.90Mbps speed in December.

The country also registered a growth of over 1.1 percent in average broadband upload speed to 51.33Mbps in January, up from 50.75Mbps in December.

Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand were at the top positions in the Ookla Speed Test index globally for broadband speeds, with 247.54Mbps, 229.45Mbps, and 220.59Mbps broadband average download speeds respectively.

India needs to improve its performance in Internet connectivity, which is a pre-requirement to become a global leader and to support the digital India campaign.

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