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India plans to start up its own mobile app store



India plans to start up its own mobile app store

The central government will consider requests from technology entrepreneurs to launch India’s own app store.

In a bid to make India Aatmanirbhar (Self-reliant), the Modi government is reportedly planning to launch its own app store as an alternative to Google and Apple’s app store.


  • India plans to start up its own mobile app store.
  • India’s own app store would not charge a 30 percent fee on all applications.
  • Android has a monopoly and has a 97 percent market share in India

India own app store as an alternative to

Google, Apple Store.

According to Government sources, C-DAC will build India’s alternative to Google’s Play store.

Android has a 97% market share in India, so India should Have its own App store. The app store is being built under the Aatmanirbhar App Scheme.

Indian start-ups and companies are calling for a local application store that does not charge a high service fee. This comes at a time when Fortnite developer Epic is enraged in a battle with Apple over its 30 percent cut on in-app purchases.

Play Store tax sparks call for an Indian alternative.

Paytm, one of India’s leading payments firms, protested against the U.S. tech giant’s decision to remove its app for a few hours last month citing violations of gambling policies.

Nonetheless, several Indian start-up founders are calling for a local app store that doesn’t charge a high service fee.

“It’s absolutely necessary to have a local app store,” said Vishal Gondal, co-founder of Bengaluru-based gaming firm nCore Games.

“If we have to give 30% fees to Google and also pay for customer acquisition, how will our budding businesses survive?”

India already runs a mobile app store that lists over 1200 mainly government-backed applications and the government could also consider expanding that instead of starting from scratch, the official added.

Time will only tell if a National application store becomes successful and gains a prominent market share. Tech giants like Huawei, Samsung, and Amazon have tried but failed with their own alternative app stores.
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