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INFINITE’s Sunggyu wears a guilty(?) expression while his label hoobaes Lovelyz, Golden Child, & Rocket Punch talk about their dating ban



On the April 29 broadcast of MBC every1‘s ‘Korean Foreigners‘, Woollim Leisure members of the family together with INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Lovelyz‘s Lee Mi Joo, Golden Youngster‘s Jangjun, and Rocket Punch’s Sohee and Juri appeared as visitor panelists!

After introducing the visitor panelists, MC Kim Yong Man requested INFINITE’s Sunggyu, “You are the oldest sunbae on this panel, and I heard that you just even have personal conferences with the CEO?”

Sunggyu actually answered, “I used to be with the corporate for the longest quantity of years proper after the CEO, the COO, and the chairman of the board. So if there are options or concepts to speak about, or in relation to planning and such, sure, I meet with the CEO privately and we have now discussions over drinks.” He added on, “I would say I am on the identical stage within the firm as the executive director.” 

MC Kim Yong Man then requested the visitor panelists about a few of their “bans” or “restrictions”, being idols! Lee Mi Joo revealed that she was initially banned from “answering too in truth”, whereas Jangjun defined that he was banned from “figuring out an excessive amount of, as a result of one time I simply needed to work out and ended up getting too into it, ripping our stage outfits.” 

Rocket Punch’s Sohee shared, “We’re nonetheless rookies who solely debuted lately, so we’re banned from courting.” Right here, Lee Mi Joo chimed in with, “[Lovelyz] are nonetheless banned from courting too.” Jangjun additionally smiled and answered correctly, “I solely love my mom and my sister.” 

Nevertheless, MC Kim Yong Man seen that Sunggyu appeared to be carrying a slightly responsible(?) expression throughout this chat about courting bans! The MC pointed at him and requested, “What about you, Mr. administrative director?” Sunggyu answered stoically, “I’m additionally nonetheless banned from courting.” 

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