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iOS 14.5 solves Face ID’s mask problem with your Apple Watch



Face unlock with mask

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, unlocking your smartphone with Face ID has become tedious task as one needs to put a mask on. Your doesn’t really recognize you with the mask. It has become really tough to keep entering the password to unlock the handset. To relieve you all off this, Apple has come up with a solution. iOS 14.5 solves Face ID’s mask problem if you have an Apple Watch.

The new iOS 14.5 update uses the Apple Watch on your wrist to quickly authenticate and unlock your iPhone. Apple already offers this convenient trick on the Mac, but now it’s coming to the iPhone as well.

How does it work ?

As soon as you lift your iPhone to turn on the screen, and you’ll feel a little nudge of haptic feedback on your Apple Watch to indicate that your iPhone has been unlocked. The devices must be in close proximity for this to work in the first place, which is a measure to keep your data secure. (If the Apple Watch is locked, this won’t work either.)

Does it work for App Store as well ?

The Apple Watch shortcut is only good for unlocking your iPhone; App Store and iTunes purchases will still require other authentication if your face is covered. And as a final security check, you’ll still be asked to put in your password every few hours even when unlock with Apple Watch is enabled.

As per the report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is considering moving to an in-screen fingerprint reader to complement Face ID for the iPhone 13. The latest iPad Air also features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor within the power button, so Apple certainly has options for giving users more choice in future iPhones.

How does iOS 14.5 solves Face ID’s mask problem ?

iPhone users need to manually enable the Apple Watch unlocking feature on their iPhone by going to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. A toggle available there, called Apple Watch, can be flipped to enable unlocking through an Apple Watch.

Once you’ve enabled the feature, you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone via Face ID by simply looking at its screen while wearing an Apple Watch. A haptic feedback notification will arrive on your Apple Watch to inform you about the unlocking. You’ll also get the option called Lock iPhone to lock your iPhone directly from the same notification.

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Which all devices have the Face Unlock ?

From the iPhone X to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, the newer iPhone flagships carry Face ID as a biometric authentication feature that scans for facial features to unlock the device.

iOS 14.5

App Tracking Transparency

This version of iOS will lay the groundwork for Apple’s long-advertised App Tracking Transparency feature. Simply put, your iPhone will now require applications to ask for permission (through a standard iOS prompt) whenever they want to track your activities outside the app.

AirPlay 2 support for Fitness+

One of the biggest setbacks of Apple’s new fitness subscription service is that you can only use it on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You can’t use it on a Mac or any other smart TV. With iOS 14.5, you can stream workouts from your iPhone or iPad to an AirPlay 2 supported device, which is a huge improvement.

How to get the iOS 14.5 beta

You can try out iOS 14.5 before its general release. Apple suggests you do not run the 14.5 beta on any critical device, and that’s good advice—you never know what can go wrong.

Developers can go to on the device upon which they wish to run the beta, and download a developer beta profile. Those who aren’t developers can join the public beta by opening using the device upon which you wish to run the beta, signing in, and downloading the beta profile.

Once you have the profile you must enable it by going to Settings > General > Profile. Your device will reset to enable the profile. After it has reset with the profile enabled, you can head to Settings > General > Software Updates to download the latest beta release.

Image Source : Apple Source

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