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Is Google Meet down right now in India?




  • Google meet down today
  • Most of the 12th board exams of different boards have been canceled.
  • Students are thanking the Google meet platform in their own ways.

Is Google meet down today? Well, no official statement has been issued by the developers right now, but many users have reported the problem with Google meet. They claimed that Google met is crashing again and again. It starts smoothly but after joining a meeting, it crashes again and again and the user gets left from meeting repetitively automatically.

So what to do?

Well, the pandemic of COVID 19 has ruined everything. We never thought that -one day the entire world will be locked down and everyone will be sitting at home. Work from home tradition can be seen everywhere. But if we have to talk about who got benefitted from this pandemic – then definitely it is Students. Definitely, one shoe doesn’t fit all, so many students are still there who are coping with such strange situations bravely and utilizing this time in furnishing their skills.

Most of the 12th board exams of different boards have been canceled.

But as we know, most of the 12th board exams of different boards have been canceled. So as soon as the announcement of the 12th board exams cancellation came, students start celebrating this moment and started creating memes. In fact, a meme site has almost earned 1 million profit from the memes of only board exams.

So this is happening again now with Google meet.

Students are rejoicing the moment and many were seen commenting like –

Only god listen to us poor students today google meet server is down 😭 thank you bro !!

Many teenagers finally get a break from their study schedule as they are unable to take a class on Google meet today. As many schools and colleges are nowadays taking classes on this platform. So students are thanking the this platform in their own ways. Isn’t it funny?

They have started a chain of messages to thank Google meet. They are saying that God is with them and that’s why they get a day off as a blessing from Google meet.

Demands from Zoom and teams

Even many students whose online classes are going on some other social media platform like teams and Zoom, they also contributing to it, by saying – it is quite unfair. we also need a break for 2 days. So they are requesting Zoom and Teams to stop working and get down for a day so they can get Saturday and Sunday off.

Well, it will be interesting to see how things move forward. For getting more updates, Stay tuned with us.

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