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Is it worth to buy Apple logic pro x 10.5: 3 Reason why you should buy it



Apple recently launched the upgraded version of Apple Logic Pro X. The upgraded version comes with so many eye catchy features which include ‘Live Loops’, totally news working mechanism, new creative tools and the biggest screen, this is the biggest version since the launch of Logic Pro X.

Apple logic pro x 10.5 specially designed for Musicians

If we talk about the functionality and durability of the device, it looks great for the professionals and for musicians especially for those producing electronic music.

Apple logic pro x 10.5 comes with lots of creative music tools used by the world’s top musicians and producers to create the music. The Laptop includes lots of advanced features like Live Loops, a beat sequencer, a revamped sampling software, and many others. The devices are specially designed for digital music creators, beatmakers and hip-hoppers.

The stay loops are one of the most useful features of the instrument that allow users to create beats by using the multiple collections of loops. The Sequencer helps the musicians to create beats by programming a sample that they’ll play on.

Logic Pro X 10.5 price and availability

Logic Pro X 10.5 is available on the Mac App Store at a price of Rs 15,500 for new customers. The existing users of the device can get the update free. You can also download Logic Remote 1.4 o free on the App Store. Apple is also providing a 90-day free trial of the device.

Why you should buy Logic Pro X 10.5: 3 reason or advantages

Logic Pro X is Cheap

When it comes to buying an Apple device, the first thing comes in anyone mind is the price, Yes, the Apple devices are very costly, but in case of Logic Pro X 10.5, you even don’t need to think twice while buying it. The Logic Pro X 10.5 available to buy only in $200, its like a steal. It is quite cheaper in comparison to other two DAWs.

Let’s compare the price of two other DAWs:

Avid Pro Tools: $599
Presonus Studio One 3 Professional: $399
Avid Pro Tools HD: $2,499

Logic Pro X 10.5 is Beginner-Friendly

The previous Apple Logic pro was not user friendly and complicated for the beginners. But the Logic Pro X 10.5 designed to make easily operate. When it comes to users friendly there is a big difference between LPX and from LP9.

Before the launch of Pro X the users were complaining the PP Pro don’t look like Pro and quite tough to operate. So the LPX 10.5 is designed with major focus on the beginners. Using LPX 10.5 anyyone can produce high quality audio easily.

Logic Pro X 10.5 is like a dream comes true for musicians

Logic Pro X 10.5 is specially designed for musicians, There is a lot of instruments has been added to the device to create music, beats. The awesome LPX is really a great innovation by Apple, The instrument is built for songwriters

So you can see the price difference between LPX and other DAWs.

The awesome Logic team have spent their time since LPX’s release on innovating. And the innovations they’ve built for songwriters are nothing short of amazing. If you write a small paragraph of song anciently with LPX, it will become music.

The LPX drummer is your personal AS drummer and a beat master who adapts and changes to tempo, style, part, and even to what you play.

Here’s the list of some of the instruments available in LPX 10.5

Alchemy – a Synth Powerhouse
Drum Kit Designer – a brilliant selection of acoustic drums
Vintage Electric Piano – which comes with 19 different piano types
Drum Machine Designer – A beautiful and succinct drum pad for electronic beats
Retro Synth – An analog style synth that comes in 4 flavors
Amp Designer – A massive selection of guitar amps
Bass Amp Designer – An equally diverse selection of bass amps and tones

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