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Is Proactive Monitoring the Cyber Security Buzzword of 2021?



Since quarantining and a new normal, cloud computing and IT services are more crucial to business success than ever before. An increased number of remote workers coupled with advanced technologies means your in-house or contracted IT team is working overtime. Discover why proactive monitoring is the cybersecurity buzzword of 2021 and how this service benefits companies around the world.

What Is Proactive Monitoring?

In information technology, proactive monitoring helps teams determine how services perform to identify possible areas of risk. Monitoring is performed seven days a week to ensure networks, applications, computers, and data centers are secure. The goal is to achieve optimum health using managed IT services. Otherwise, companies call for help or depend on staff to take care of problems that could require time and money to fix.

Boost Business Efficiency

With proactive monitoring, the process goes beyond setting up hardware or fixing bugs. Instead, ongoing support is provided whenever it is needed to increase business efficiency. Unlimited support is invaluable as it also saves time for a company’s dedicated IT team. Plus, with proactive monitoring, the most efficient and effective platforms are used to maximize business performance. Trying to determine all of this independently requires hours of research. Relying on a professional service helps companies spend less time searching for solutions and more time finding new ways to be profitable.

Eliminate Downtime

When there’s downtime for online sites, businesses lose leads and money. The days of calling an IT provider are over because managed services provide solutions when they are needed to reduce downtime. From phone support to taking care of hardware problems, issues will be handled right away. Guaranteed response times help companies capture more leads and generate profits. Unfortunately, delayed responses and downtime can also have a negative impact on a company’s reputation. When a company has a well-managed site, customers anticipate the rest of the business operations will go smoothly.

Fix Errors

Monitoring means fixing errors before they become major problems. Events are handled before they turn into issues that cause downtime and interruptions of business. Fewer errors mean companies have more reliable, trustworthy sites where visitors want to take action. Managed services are on top of occurrences as they happen, so you never have to wait for fixes. Plus, there is minimal downtime for errors because they are detected right away and fixed instead of waiting for a team to respond or someone to fix the problem.

Save on IT Budget

Monitoring services mean predictable costs that make it easier to manage your IT budget. However, calling for each problem to get fixed can get expensive. By paying a monthly fee, you gain access to unlimited support services that automatically make updates and fixes as needed. When problems occur, costs add up fast, including time lost from the business. As a result, proactive monitoring is a cost-effective way to handle your IT budget without breaking the bank. Knowing the costs each month helps companies improve the bottom line over time without compromising on-site performance.

Reduce the Need for Training

Ongoing training is required for your existing staff and IT team to stay ahead of the curve. Managed services provide trained professionals who understand the latest errors and fixes to keep your systems running smoothly. As a result, companies save time and money when they don’t have to provide continued training for their employees. Plus, the IT team and staff can focus on business-building activities rather than learning how to fix problems or install hardware.

Support Business Growth

As a company grows and attracts more online traffic, the website must be able to support all activities. Errors, downtime, and slow loading all drive potential customers to the competition. Scalability is crucial to remain relevant and successful in a competitive online marketplace. With proactive monitoring, updates are made as necessary to support business growth. Whether a company decides to grow or limit its operations, scalability gives management the freedom to make important decisions.

Find the Best Strategies

An IT strategy should support the unique needs of your business. If you wind up investing in hardware and software you don’t need, it wastes money. With ongoing monitoring, the most-efficient strategies are introduced to reduce costs and provide the highest level of service. Instead of spending endless hours on strategizing, management has more time to be involved in branding and business activities to make money.

Improve Online Security

Customers expect a website to be secure to enter personal information, such as financial data, to make a purchase. If a site seems insecure, customers will leave. Monitoring ensures the site stays secure by addressing potential security issues before they become major problems. A secure environment helps companies gain trust and increase profits over time. Plus, security breaches make customers mistrust a company. Building a brand based on honesty and integrity helps companies stand apart from the competition, especially in a competitive online world.

Be Ready for the Future

The IT industry is constantly evolving. With proactive monitoring, businesses are ready for future developments and innovations. In addition, as better products and services are introduced to the market, companies get professional feedback about what would work for their operations and what might be a waste of time and money. Having proactive monitoring means having a professional team ready to help the company move forward into the future.

With all the benefits of proactive monitoring, it is easy to see why this is the preferred choice for many companies. From small businesses to international corporations, the benefits of managed services are helping companies gain a competitive edge. Security issues are crucial to ensure a company remains a respected brand. Having a functional website with minimal downtime and problems is the only way to capture leads and generate business online. With a team working for your business, fixes are made before they become problems, and business operations continue as usual. Plus, the savings add up over time to help management run a more efficient company and become increasingly profitable.


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