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ISRO soon launch Rival to Google Maps In India Under Aatmanirbhar Scheme



ISRO soon launch Rival to Google Maps In India Under Aatmanirbhar Scheme


  • ISRO soon launch Rival to Google Maps In India.
  • ISRO joins hands with MapmyIndia to develop a Google Maps rival.
  • It Is a new step towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat Scheme.
  • Users will be able to see mapping data along with information about weather, pollution, agricultural output, land-use changes, flood and landslide disasters, etc.

Hi Readers!! India Is working hard towards digital India under the Aatmanirbhar scheme. Earlier Twitter Alternative Koo is developed by the Indian government and available to use for users.

Now Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapmyIndia, the navigation solutions provider, have joined hands to offer an indigenous mapping solution to take on Google Maps.

These Initiatives by the Government reflect India’s progressive Nature towards Digital India and the One-step Towards Aatmanirbhar Scheme.

 Benefits of Collaboration of Two Giants:

  • MapmyIndia said there are multiple benefits of an Indian solution for maps and geospatial services.
  • ISRO is more responsive to the satellite needs of Indians, especially during times of crisis and disaster.

The portal will make use of MapmyIndia’s detailed Indian maps and ISRO’s catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

Indian users would not be dependent on foreign organizations for maps, navigation, and geospatial services.

MapmyIndias maps cover all 7.5 lakh villages, 7500+ cities at street and building-level, connected by all 63 lakh kilometers of road network pan India and within cities, in total providing maps for an unparalleled 3+ crore places across India.

The new app will run on a “sustainable and direct, clean business model” that ensures that maps and apps can be kept free of cost as well as free of ads for users to protest user privacy.

MapmyIndia, being a responsible, local, Indian company, ensures that its maps reflect the true sovereignty of the country, depicting India’s borders as per Government of India, and hosts its maps in India,” said Verma in a LinkedIn post.

They Said:

MapmyIndia’s maps and APIs will enrich ISRO’s geoportals, empowering Indian scientists, academia, researchers and government organisations with the best of India’s satellite imagery, earth observation data and digital map data and advanced geospatial technologies, all combined together in a fully indigenous Aatmanirbhar ISRO-MapmyIndia platform”.

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