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Jio can announce something big on 24 June on 5G trial? Check out !!



5G trial

As we all know 5G trial news is surfacing everywhere. Big Telecom companies like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone Idea are not leaving any stone unturned to come first in providing its 5G services to the customers.

Airtel’s 5G trial in Gurugram

So the current news is that, After Airtel’s 5G trial in Gurugram, Jio has also started its 5G testing in  Mumbai. Initially, they have applied for taking permission for 5G trials for cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Gujarat. So now this seems that the company has received the permission for Mumbai and got spectrum band for the same. So the popular telecom company that gave a new direction to the Indian telecom market, Jio has started 5G testing for the Mumbai location.

And the best part is that the company is not importing anything from the outskirts, in fact, developing everything by own in-home grounds using radio technology. On the other hand, Airtel has made a deal with an external company and they will provide some tools to the company.

Now it will be interesting to see, how it goes further? And which company gets successful in providing us the most awaited 5G network.

Jio has opted for a domestic technique

Here the competition is not only about, who comes first, In fact, who can launch services first and in how much affordable pricing.

If sources are to be believed that for Mumbai trials, Jio has opted for domestic technique, but as they also want to come first, so they will not rely much on domestic techniques. So for Delhi and Pune regions, the company has joined hands with  Nokia and Ericsson. Whereas in Gujarat, they have made a deal with Samsung company for 5G trials.

The company is making new deals every day and is progressing at a very fast pace in order to provide us the 5G experience.

Download or upload speed of near about 1GBPS.

The specialized team has been allocated by the company that is just working on a 5G project.

If everything goes smoothly, then we can expect a very fast internet speed. Technology is growing and evolving very fast so, in the coming times, we can experience the download or upload speed of near about 1GBPS.

In fact, recently airtel has started its 5G trial in Gurugram, and in 5G testing, the speed comes out to be more than 1Gbps. Isn’t it amazing?

Now it will be interesting to see how situations unfold in future !!

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