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Knockout City: New multiplayer dodgeball game is now free to play until you reach level 25!!



Knockout City


  • Knockout City is free for new players until they reach level 25.
  • With a Free Trial, the players can experience a taste of what the game is all about before purchasing it.
  • All your progress will carry over to the full version.

Developer Velan Studios have announced that new players to the video game will be able to play for free and level up through Street Rank 25. After players hit Street Rank 25, they need to purchase the video game in order to keep playing.

Knockout City is available across all devices like PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, and the multiplayer option helps you to play with your companions regardless of what stage they’re on.

There are multiple maps including Rooftop Rumble, Concussion Yard, Knockout Roundabout, Back Alley Brawl, Galaxy Burger, and Jukebox Junction. Enough playtime helps to decide if you want to spend money on the game. Naturally, all your progress will carry over to the full version. You can purchase Knockout City through Xbox Games Pass Ultimate and EA Play.

EA’s new multiplayer Knockout City game: Features

 Frantic and Fun

You can rule the city through lightning-fast multiplayer matches featuring mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics. You can Increase your attack by passing power-up dodgeballs, targeting your opponents with a variety of specialized balls, or “balling up” to get thrown by teammates!

Team Up

You can Brace yourself with intense competition in multiplayer matches with a seamless cross-play experience! Together, knock out opponents in 3v3, 4v4, or free-for-all matches. Pass, throw, and strategize to dominate as a team!

Define Your Style

You can Show off your status and unique look through character design creation options. You can Customize your appearance, gear, and attitude, from body type and hairstyle to win, lose, and taunt animations.

Take On Knockout City

Each map’s special features make every match an intense, unexpected experience. Dodgeball thrives in back alleys with pneumatic tubes, on skyscraper rooftops, across busy streets—and even at the local burger joint and construction sites.

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