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Ludo Zenith game: Features, How to download: Complete Guide



Ludo Zenith game: Features, How to download: Complete Guide


  • Ludo Zenith game now Available to Download for Andriod users.
  • The game is more strategy-oriented rather than simply rolling the dice.
  • Ludo Zenith is free to download from Google Play and includes in-app purchases.
  • New Game marks Square Enix’s entry into the Indian casual gaming market.

Ludo Zenith Game: Features

Ludo Zenith game: Features, How to download: Complete Guide

Ludo Zenith is not a regular Ludo game as it has several features in order to make it more engaging.

The game will have different characters including rabbit, turtle, and rhino, which will have different abilities. This will make the game more strategy-oriented rather than simply being about rolling the dice.

The goal of the game is to get the No.1 Ludo player by battling the strongest opponents nationwide and reaching the top league using unique and exciting abilities.

Players will be able to play Ludo Zenith online and they can compete for trophies both nationwide and worldwide, which will help them move up on Ludo Pyramid.

Ludo Zenith also brings rank progression, superpowers, and 1v1 PvP game mode.

The company has also added 3D graphics, which make it slightly more resource-intensive than most Ludo games on smartphones.

How to download Ludo Zenith and starting guide

The game is easy to download. Now it is available for android users only, but very soon it will also be available on ios.

Step By Step Guide:

  • First, Open the play store on the phone.
  • Search For Ludo Zenith Game
  • Click On the install button to download the game
  • The download will start and soon the game will be installed on your phone
  • Once downloaded, the game asks you to choose a city of your choice that helps the company, build new city-based challenges later.
  • After that, you enter other details like player names, etc, and go through a quick tutorial.
  • The game has “pegs”, which offer players specific abilities. The rabbit peg can double the number you rolled on your dice. There’s also rhino and turtle, which offer shields and other abilities.
  • There are some special dice, which give players energy and one that can roll more than 6, the usual highest that users get on ludo.

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