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Massive Crackdown! PUBG Mobile has banned over 1.2 Million Accounts



PUBG Mobile has said it has permanently suspended over 12 lakh accounts because they were found cheating.


  • PUBG Corporation has decided to not take cheating via hacks lightly.
  • In a massive crackdown on cheaters, banned 12,17,342 accounts.
  • About 24% of accounts have been suspended using auto-aim hacks.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most played battle game in the world with 60 Million players. PUBG has overtaken Fornite Battle Royal and Knives out. However, PUBG Mobile has decided not to take cheating hacks lightly.

`PUBG Mobile tweeted, “Know the ban. Fear the ban. From January 8th-14th, 12,17,342 accounts have been permanently suspended from accessing our game. The majority of cases were: modification of character model, auto-aim hacks and X-ray vision.”

It is not a new thing in the world of gaming where certain players use the ill-spoken methods to unlock achievements and score well in the game.

PUBG Mobile also revealed in this tweet:

24 percent of these accounts have been removed due to using auto-aim hacks and the other 24 percent were suspended due to modifying the character model.

The remaining 12 percent of accounts were deleted due to usage of X-Ray vision. 12 percent due to using speed hacks, 7 percent due to modification of area damage. and 11 percent due to other reasons such as using unauthorized payment channels for recharge and other payments and using third-party programs to log in to the game.

PUBG Mobile has banned over 1.2 Million Accounts

PUBG Mobile has banned over 1.2 Million Accounts

PUBG Mobile has also declared their ranks. It has tweeted that

38 percent of defaulters belonged to the Bronze rank. 11 percent were from the Silver rank, 9 percent were at the Gold rank. 11 percent Platinum, 12 percent Diamond. 10 percent Crown, 6 percent Ace, and 3 percent Conqueror.

The motive behind this is to set a precedent for the players that cheating is strictly not allowed in the game.

PUBG Mobile took this step after every few days. It is a matter of when some cheat is detected by PUBG Mobile’s analysis machines after which the step to suspend accounts is taken.

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