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Microsoft Teams now offers free video calls for personal use




  • Microsoft Teams will let you make one-on-one video calls for up to 24 hours.
  • The new features have started to roll out on the Teams mobile application.
  • The users of the Team’s personal version can meet up to 300 people in video calls.

In the past, Microsoft offered only business-oriented Teams subscriptions that carried a monthly price tag. However, in order to compete with services like Slack, Microsoft unveiled a free edition of Team that offers a variety of benefits.

Microsoft is essentially aiming to take on Zoom with its personal features and free video calling. The free offering introduced in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft Teams: Latest new features

The company has added more than 300 features in Teams over the past year, including more than 100 new capabilities so far in 2021.

1. The company has also waived some restrictions around group video calls amid the coronavirus pandemic, so you can meet with up to 300 people for up to 24 hours. Microsoft is yet to announce plans to replace Skype with Teams for the consumers.

2. The platform will now allow users to add their personal accounts to the Teams desktop or web app and sync all their chats to their computer.

3. Microsoft said it added new backgrounds such as family lounge, coffee shop, and summer resort.

4. Microsoft Teams for personal use now work across the web, mobile, and desktop apps.

The new features have started to roll out in preview on the Teams mobile app and will be fully rolled out in the coming weeks.

Start a Live Virtual Meeting:

Unlike other digital workplaces, Teams has a built-in tool for audio and video conferencing. To use this feature, you’ll need to be working in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or running the Windows Teams app.

On your Teams page, click the Meet Now button to start a live virtual meeting. The first time you do, you’re asked to allow Microsoft Teams to use your microphone and camera.

You can also add a subject for your meeting. Then Decide whether you want to hold an audio or video meeting. Click on the Meet now button to officially launch the meeting.

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