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Miranda Lambert hit and run in Atlanta



Nation music star Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin were involved in a hit and run accident in Georgia when the couple was heading back to Nashville.

On Friday Miranda shared this horrible news via her Instagram account. She explained the whole story with a series of images and videos from the trip, using the caption to explain what happened.

“Y’all we made it home to Nashville. A few days earlier than planned,” she wrote. “On the way back, we stopped in Greensboro, GA to have a few restful days at Lake Oconee. I actually picked that spot for an overnight because it mapped perfectly for our trip but when we got there I didn’t want to leave. We stayed an extra day because it was so beautiful. (And we ran out of clothes & needed to do laundry) I had to work too, so why not have a view while you zoom?”

The “Gunpowder & Lead” singer said that they were looking for a place to get dinner and found a hotel ten minutes for the KOA campground.

“Unfortunately on the way home going through Atlanta, an a— hole in a small car with temp plates was driving erratically and tried to squeeze between us and a semi truck going 70 on I-20 W,” Lambert explained. “It hit the airstream on the passenger side and sent us into the left lane. We fishtailed pretty good but got on the shoulder as quickly as possible to assess the damage. Nobody was hurt thank the good Lord. But nobody stopped either and the car sped away.”

She continued, adding, “We are so thankful that nothing worse happened. Our vehicle and trailer were driveable so we made a report and hauled home.”

Lambert believes her mom’s spiritually was the divine intervention they needed that day. “I called mama right away to say that I know her prayers are always heard cause I know she prays for us every morning about 4:30 am,” she said, adding, “Especially when we are on the road.”


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