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Money Heist is Returning to Netflix With Season Finale and Show Bingers Have Only One Demand



The most awaited, money Heist season 5 is going to release very soon and this time it is the official news. Bringing down the wait to an end, Netflix, shared a photo of broken Salvador Dalí mask and stated that the heist was, in fact, in its last leg.  Woahhhhh! The theories you were considering till now for season 5 are now going to reveal the truth. There is one more news coming on the way about season 5 that it is going to be the last season.

Money Heist Season 4 has not only left the users on the edges but also left users with some untold answers. The viewers are very excited and curious to know what is going to happen next? Would the professor be taken off the show? or Would Alicia Join the gang? or Would Berlin appear again? The news that the massively famous show is making a comeback for one last time.

“The shooting for Money Heist’s fifth and final season will begin in Spain, Denmark, and Portugal soon. The shooting for Money Heist’s fifth and final season will begin in Spain, Denmark, and Portugal soon. Moreover, production for the same will begin on August 3 in Denmark before filming in Spain and Portugal.”

Money Heist Season 5 When Will It Release? Trailer, Cast, death story and all

A lot of people have tweeted about the news. With mixed feelings, happy about season 5 is coming and at the same time feeling sad about that this is going to be the last season, viewers are excited enough.

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Sony PS5 State Of Play Event Date Leaked: What To Expect



Sony PS5 State Of Play Event Date Leaked_ What To Expect

As Playstation 5 release date is coming closer, fans are getting more excited and curious about the console. Both Sony and Microsft are going to launch their brand new consoles by end of 2020 and both of them have revealed some features of the console but! The price is still a mystery! They are waiting for each other to reveal their price first and hence fans are facing this delay. A recent wave is going across is the internet that sony is going to conduct a play event in which might reveal some more about the console.

However the exact date is not known but it is expected to be somewhere between August 5 to August 11, which is the next coming week! There is no news on what could be revealed during the event but considerations are more for rumored games and gameplay. And maybe the price as well! You never know!

There is a lot that players do not know about the new generation gaming consoles like UI, games, Price, and final release date. And if you are expecting all of this in August showcase event then I would suggest you lower down your expectations. Because it’s not possible to expose all in once. It is also expected that Microsoft is also going to launch a play event/ showcase this month only(August).

According to the leaker(back on Twitter), Sony might hold a State of Play event on August 6th, according to a tweet this person posted a few days ago.

Message posted by leaker: “Don’t try to redeem yourself by telling everyone there’s going to be a State of Play on August 6 and then quickly change it a week before because you just realized there’s a COMPLETELY SEPERATE event happening on the same day from the company”.

Then a separate message he posted on Twitter saying that:

Do you see this? It’s not happening. Also, the PlayStation State of Play on August 6, 2020, with preorders potentially starting immediately afterward. Did you learn NOTHING from that recent shit show I supported you in? Yeah… you’re on your own. Good luck.
Alongwith the below images:
If you see the images you get to know more about the PS5 showcase event. And as two dates are mentioned 6 august ad 10 august. So, it’s better to consider a timeframe of August 5 to August 11 for a play event.
What to expect: More about UI, games and specifications.
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Netflix Scam: Your Credit Card Can Be Hacked & Misused! Aware of This…



Cybercriminals, this time, have targeted a platfrom that is home for millions of users, NETFLIX! Who could ever think of the safest place to be attacked by terrorists? The same happened to the users of Netflix. Are you a Netflix user? Have you recently got the mail from Netflix? Oh! Do not open that mail! First, go through this small piece of information, this might save you from a phishing attack.

A security provider Armorblox has revealed that an unlike threat that is potential enough to convince the users of Netflix to share their critical details including credit card information. This threat is coming in the form of phishing mail.  (Phishing is a cybercrime in which the targets(here Netflix users) are contacted by email, telephone, or text message to attract individuals into giving sensitive data)

What actually happening is, Netflix user receives a mail seems to be from Netflix account, with the subject “Notice of Verification Failure”.  It is mentioned in the mail to carry out the process within the next 24 hours. The mail contains a link that takes the user to a functioning CAPTCHA page that comes with Netflix. If the user fills in the correct CAPTCHA, he/she will be navigated to the false site (seems a lot to be like Netflix). As the user enters any information here, it would be stolen by hackers like billing information, credit card information, or personal information. Once they get your details, they can log in from your account. Thousands of Netflix accounts have become victims of such attacks from hackers.

The prevailing circumstances are such that on any arbitrary day you may pose the question ‘Was Netflix hacked today?’ and the answer is yes!’

The users have fallen prey for such mails as they bypass all mail filters as well ad can not be easily detected.

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Then, How the scam is Detected…

There are a few mistakes these cybercriminals have done:

  1. The first one is there are several links, such as “need help” or “Sign up now”. If you click on these links, the page only reloads and does to take you to another page.
  2. The second one is the URL. Once you reload this page, The URL of the website is, instead of

Before you go…

To know if your account is hacked,

  1. you can go to Viewing activity section and check out the recent activity carried out from your account.
  2. You can also check ‘Recent device streaming activity’ to check any fake Netflix logins from a different location.

Apart from these two if your password has changed and you are not able to log in then this is a clear sign of cyberattack.

Now, what precautions you can take…

  1. Never click on a URL from the mail. Instead, directly enter the URL and carry out the process.
  2. Never download any attachment from such kind of suspicious emails.
  3. Change passwords after a regular interval of time.

Stay Safe from Phishing attacks! In the case of any doubts, it’s always better to reach customer care service.

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Microsoft Said to Be in Talks to Acquire TikTok in the US as Ad Business Flattens Out



Microsoft is looking to acquire TikTok’s US operations from ByteDance to revitalize its adverts business with a massive supply of video. On Friday Reuters reported that, citing a source close to the matter, that Microsoft is in exploratory arrangement talks as the US government gets ready to constrain China-based ByteDance to strip its video application TikTok over information security concerns.

Microsoft generates the greater part of its $143 billion (generally Rs. 10.71 lakh crores) in yearly pay by permitting programming systems such as Windows and Office as successfully as distributed storage and registering instruments by a method of its Azure service.

The organization, with publicizing bolstered organizations including its Bing web index, MSN news administration, and LinkedIn business interpersonal organization, unveiled for the current month that its inquiry promotions deals grew 1 percent to $7.7 billion (generally Rs. 57,696 crores) in the course of the most recent year. Yet, that development was level when barring charges it pays to accomplice sites and applications.

 eMarketer, the ad market research company calculated  LinkedIn’s advert income at about $2 billion yearly in the United States only. But Microsoft additionally confirmed this month LinkedIn adverts gross sales have fallen this year because the novel coronavirus pandemic prompted advertisers to pare spending.

Social media companies, together with Facebook and Alphabet’s YouTube, have seen their gross sales progress proceed throughout the pandemic as customers spend extra time entertaining themselves on-line – notably with video – and advertisers observe them there.

Without an leisure service aimed toward broad viewers, Microsoft has struggled to seize the more and more profitable movies flowing to YouTube, Facebook, and extra just lately TikTok, which broadly opened its advert instruments this month.

Increased US regulatory scrutiny of probably anticompetitive behavior by Facebook and YouTube have probably diminished their skill to buy a significant competitor quickly, in accordance to antitrust specialists. Microsoft, although, faces fewer constraints.

“Its consumer strategy remains in flux and an aggressive acquisition (or strategic investment) of TikTok would be Microsoft throwing its hat in the ring and trying to compete with other tech giants in a new avenue of growth,” Wedbush monetary analyst Dan Ives mentioned in a press release on Friday.


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