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Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: Which One Should You Buy? Comparison



Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2

Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: which phone is better to buy in 18000?

Do you need to buy a new phone? Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2, confusing you? If yes, go through the article below and get a detailed difference between two giants.

Mobile phones are the most basic need in today’s life just like food, clothes, and house. The market has a lot of variety of mobile phones. Each and every company releases a new version of a mobile phone every 6 months. It’s always a question, which one you should buy?

Motorola and Poco both are the well-known names in the Mobile phone industry, Both tech giants launched their mid-budget smartphone Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2 within the range of 18000. Both smartphones come with all the latest advanced features which include great battery backup, huge storage space, magnificent camera, latest Android Q update and many more.

If we talk about the features both devices looks quite similar on paper specs but the actual performance will be measured by users experiences. The similar price and similar features make the potential smartphone buyers confused, How they choose the right one, Should they go on the design of the devices, or should go with brand image because the features are approx same, so brand and design are the two different factors they can consider while spending 18000 rs on a smartphone.

Any way to solve the buyer’s confusion between choosing the Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2 we prepared a specs sheet of both devices and also look at the facts that you need to consider while buying a smartphone.

So let’s have a look at the detailed specs comparison of Motorola One Fusion Plus and Poco X2.

Things to keep in mind while buying a Mobile phone

You must search for some special things while buying a new mobile phone. If in case of any configuration you miss to check, go through the below list.

1) Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: Battery

Ask for Battery backup along with charging speed!

The battery backup of your new phone must be good enough to last long for at least 24-48 hours.

2) Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: Camera

In today’s world, after social connect, calls, and messages, mobile phones are used to click pictures and it is very important to know the camera size. If you love to click pictures, ask for megapixel of the camera. These days cameras are getting better and better.

Camera works on a dim light, night light, Sunlight, short videos, gif making are some important things to consider. If your foremost priority is the camera, be ready to spend a bit more.

3) Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: Storage

If you are very fond of clicking pictures and making videos, this one is important for you! if you need to store a lot of documents, you should consider storage before buying the phone. Storing songs does not consider to be an important factor because of online streaming. But if you sing and store or make videos, you need a quiet good storage space.

Alongwith in-built storage, also ask for expandable storage capacity. The Storage capacity of mobile phones has reached 128 GB normally and you may find storage beyond that as well.

4) Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: Display

The display is another important feature that matters before buying a new phone. The size of the display and resolution are two important things to consider.

If you’re buying a phone with a big screen, don’t go under a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and, if you can go beyond, look for the sharper 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolutions.

5) Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2: Brand Name

Though I am mentioning it in the last, this is the first thing you need to take care of. Before buying a phone, you must keep in Mind brand name. And most of the time, people go and ask for a specific Brand name. Like you might go to the store ad ask for Samsung or Motorola or PoCO phones. But sometimes, this might be the case you don’t have yet thought of the brand name. So in this case, you have to figure things out at the time of buying.

Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2

Go through the table below and compare Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2.

Device POCO X2 MOTOROLA One Fusion Plus
Launch Date February 11, 2020 June 24, 2020
Price 17,499 17,499
Model X2 one Fusion Plus
Operating System Android v10 (Q) Android v10 (Q)
SIM Size SIM1 and Sim 2: Nano SIM1 and Sim 2: Nano
Network 4G, 3G, 2G 4G, 3G, 2G
Fingerprint Sensor YES YES
Charging Fast, 27W Turbo Power, 18W
Performance Snapdragon 730G Snapdragon 730G
Storage 128 GB 128 GB
Camera 64+8+2+2 MP 64+8+5+2 MP
Battery 4500 mAh 5000 mAh
Display 6.67″ (16.94 cm) 6.5″ (16.51 cm)
Ram 6 GB 6 GB
Front Camera 20 MP + 2 MP 16 MP
Battery 4500 mAh 5000 mAh
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
Display 6.67 inches 6.5 inches
Ram 6 GB 6 GB
Rear Camera 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP 64 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP
Dimensions 165.3 x 76.6 x 8.79 mm 162.9 x 76.4 x 9.6 mm
Weight 208 g 210 g

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Final Words

Well, friends, this is the comparison guide of Motorola One Fusion Plus vs Poco X2. I hope you like it.

Now you can easily compare to devices and check which one do you need to buy.

Share your feedback. Thank you!

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