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Moving in Parts: An Advantages of Moving Locally



Shifting a home is both exciting and stressful. There is always a fear of leaving the known and adjusting to a totally new place and people. It is both an emotional and social change for an individual and added to it is the process of moving. It includes so many tasks and sub-processes that it drains out your energy completely. It is recommended to use a moving checklist available on This helps you make your move more organized and successful.

The best tip to move is to stay organized. The organization is the key to success no matter what the field or the task is. Make sure you make a plan and then execute it too. Consider planning things well before time so that there is no room for errors. When moving locally, you can consider moving in parts to ease the process. So, in case of a local move, you can break your entire moving process into parts so that you can move smoothly and stress-free.

You can follow our moving checklist to have a well-organized and smooth moving experience.

Initial Steps

  • Create a moving checklist as soon as you get to know about the move.
  • Look for some good moving companies.
  • Compare the prices of more than two moving companies to get the best price.
  • Start collecting moving material and packing supplies. Take measurements of doorway and hallways at both new and old house.
  • Organize your important documents and valuables and keep them in a safe place.
  • Manage utility services at both places.
  • Deep clean your new house.


The above-said steps are very important as they will help you in staying organized and in following your moving checklist.


The easiest way to move locally is to move in parts. Once you are sorted with your initial steps, packing your belongings will be the next big thing. If you are renting a house then it is advisable to take it on rent 10 days before your final moving date. This way you will be able to move your belongings in parts. Plan your packing accordingly.


You can follow the tips given below for shifting your things in parts:

Create an inventory

Make an inventory and make a list of similar things. You can group things based on their usage. Also, don’t pack things room by room as we do in a normal moving schedule. Pack the rarely used things first and move them in the first go.

Pay importance to cleaning

Deep clean your new house well in advance to start shifting things as soon as you get the possession. If you are a working person then shifting some things on each weekend can be considered. Moving things in parts will not only provide you an easy move but you will also be able to organize your new house side by side which means there will be no mess after the move.

Work on the wardrobes

Start setting up your wardrobes at your new place. Take less used or rarely used stuff first. Empty your store at your old home and set it up at your new home. This way you will also be able to remove any excess or unwanted stuff. You will not need to declutter your house separately as you will be able to do it along the way.

Have your supplies

Make sure you keep cleaning supplies at your new home too and once you start setting up your new house, clean it regularly and don’t create a mess there.

Kitchen next

After your wardrobes, the next thing that you should set up is your kitchen. Take out all those expensive glassware and kitchenware and pack it nicely and safely. Place them at their respective places at your new home. You can use your car when it comes to moving small boxes. When moving your kitchen, make sure you do not take your everyday utensils to your new home before the final moving day. You will need those to cook your meals at your old home.

It time for the decor

Once, you are done with your kitchen, now comes decorations. Take out all your wall frames and other decorative material and start placing them at your new place. As your final move is still pending, you will get plenty of time to decide their placement.

Moving your stuff in parts will not only make the moving process easy and smooth but will also ensure that your new house is setting up side by and you will not have to take out extra time after the move.

The moving day:

After moving all your small things and knick-knacks, you can decide on a final moving day. You can have a DIY move or can hire a moving company for loading and transporting your remaining heavy material to your new home. Get all your appliances and drawers repaired if needed.

Gather all the leftover essentials that you had kept for the final days at your old home and pack them nicely. These are the things that you will need immediately after the move.

Move into your new house and enjoy an already set up home with a few more things to be placed. Using a checklist is a must when moving in parts. This ensures that you do not forget any of your belongings while moving.


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