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Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage That Lets You Create Games



Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage


  • Nintendo announces the visual programming suite ‘Game Builder Garage’.
  • Game Builder Garage comes to Nintendo Switch on June 11.
  • Nintendo wants to teach you how to make games.

Nintendo has announced Game Builder Garage, a new game development platform for aspiring programmers. Game Builder Garage is a new piece of software at Nintendo, where players build their own peripherals out of pre-designed cardboard kits.

The game will be available from 11 June this year and has a budget price tag, from the masters of the art at Nintendo.

Players will be able to upload their own games to a central hub where they can also download games made by others. All of these games can be taken into Free Programming mode, where players can see the programming behind them, in order to understand how games have been created.

Nintendo Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing said:

“For anyone who has always wanted to make their own video games, Game Builder Garage is the perfect place to start.”

“Through the use of guided lessons and memorable Nordon characters, Game Builder Garage helps make creating video games just as much fun as playing them!”

Once you’ve made a game in Game Builder Garage you’ll also be able to share it by giving people download codes for it.

There are dozens of cartoonish icons that are easy to differentiate, and a layout that looks like a simplified Microsoft Access database to structure the core elements of your game.

Game Builder Garage features several tutorials to help you get started, regardless of your age or programming knowledge. Combinations can guide your game towards genres like puzzle games, side-scrolling shooters, and much more.

It will also be possible to exchange and download games over the internet or via local wireless, which you can then examine via Free Programming mode to learn their inner workings. To aid in development, Game Builder Garage will support a compatible mouse, which can be plugged into the USB port on the Switch dock.

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