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Online Betting Chances on Cricket: What to Know Before Placing Any Bets



Chances on cricket are just like betting on any other sport. What makes a difference is that this is a sport that you truly care about. You might be someone who has been watching the biggest cricket leagues over the years but just hasn’t thought of adding some more excitement into it with betting. And now that you finally have considered doing so, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re unsure of where to start.

The continuation of the biggest cricket tournament, the Indian Premier League, was already announced and you still have a lot of time to prepare your bets by then. If you’re completely new to this activity, there are a few things to consider. Don’t worry we’ll cover what you should know about betting on cricket on any Online Casino App for Android and iOS.

Learning the Different Types of Bets

When betting on cricket, you don’t just get to bet on who wins or loses. There are different types of bets out there that apply to cricket. Win/lose/draw is one and has to be the most direct and simple type of bet as you only really predict the fate of certain teams.

Some bookies would let you place bets on who the top batsman will be, the leading wicket-taker, the next batsman who will be dismissed during the match, the method of the first dismissal, and the first innings runs. You can even bet on which team will score 50 or 100 on a match.

The bottom line is that there are different types of bets that you can place. However, know that not all bookies offer the same odds. Some bookies may only offer to win and losing team odds and some may have every odd that you can think of.

Choosing The Right Bookie

Speaking of bookies, choosing the right one also plays an important role in placing bets online or not. However, now that many land bookies remain close, online betting is the best option at the moment. With that, you should know that there are hundreds of online bookies out there where you can place your bets.

It may be a bit overwhelming to choose the right bookie. This is especially if you’re new to this activity and you just don’t know what to look for just yet. Well, once you know the type of bets you’d like to place, this should be a bit easy already.

However, know that there are several factors to consider when shopping for an online bookie. The first thing to look for is a license. Never deal with unlicensed bookies online to avoid being placed in unfortunate circumstances. The casino or sportsbook site should carry a license number that you can check and have verified.

Another thing that you can do is to check for online review sites to know if a gambling site is legit and has a good reputation. Once you’re already sure about it, factors like the types of bets available, payment options they offer, and how quickly they pay their customers should also be considered. Sure, it’s easy to just Google which online bookie is the best but know that this will depend on your betting styles and needs.

When Betting and Formulating Strategies

Cricket betting could be fun but if you’re after making profits and winning more, then your bets should be logical. You should be able to come up with different strategies that could help you improve your chances of winning. Knowing a lot about cricket will put you at an advantage but it shouldn’t stop there.

When taking cricket betting seriously, you should be able to keep up with the latest updates on the league you’re following and the teams involved. Take note of the injuries and other health problems. Some punters would even go as far as researching the weather and an athlete’s diet to make an informative decision on their bets.

Knowing the team’s current stats and previous records should also help you have a basis for your next bets. Speaking of records, it’s also wise to keep track of the bets that you place. Some online bookies allow you to visit your betting history. Doing this could help you analyze your previous mistakes if you had some. It can also let you check on what you’ve been doing right if you’ve been winning on your bets.

Overall, these are just a few things that you should keep in mind if you’re new to the cricket betting scene. The remainder of the IPL is scheduled to take place from September 19 to October 15. Until then, you can start betting on the other cricket matches to help you prepare.


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