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Opera GX gaming browser now available for Android, iOS devices



Opera GX gaming browser


  • Opera GX Mobile is available in beta for Android and iOS.
  • The browser shows gaming-related news, deals, trailer, and more.
  • Opera GX features include a Fast Action Button and haptic feedback during usage.

We have seen gaming PCs, gaming laptops, gaming accessories, gaming smartphones, and even Gaming mode in phones. It is now time, the world moves to an entirely new gaming aspect. Well, it looks like, the wait is over about the new Gaming thing. According to the latest information from popular software, we have just got a Gaming browser.

The Opera GX browser is now coming to mobile platforms. A beta version of the browser is now available for the Android and iOS platforms. You can download the beta to try out the browser from the Opera GX website.

Opera GX is like any other web browser in the market but it comes with a number of unique features. Before we dive into the features, let s talk about the user interface of Opera GX. Opera seems to have taken its inspiration from Gaming accessories that are all about flashy, futuristic, RGB lighting. The entire browser seems to be functioning in an always dark theme with flashy neon pink color for icons.

Here’s a look at what the new Opera GX gaming browser is all about:

The search engine allows people to make easy gaming-related searches with the presence of a number of interesting features.

It comes with a CPU and RAM limiter that allows you to keep tabs on excessive resource usage while browsing. It also supports one-handed navigation with haptic feedback with a feature known as the Fast Action Button (FAB).

There is also theme support that lets you choose between different game themes. These include themes like GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf, each featuring a look and feel of UI. game variables.

How to download Opera GX gaming browser?

  • Interested users can head over to the Opera GX website.
  • After that, click on the Opera GX Mobile beta prompt.
  • This will then take them to an Opera GX blog where you will find the download links.
  • Click on the link to download the app on your Android or iOS device.

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