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OSRS Blackjacking Guide (PC and Mobile)



OSRS Blackjacking Guide

If you have been looking for ways to max out your OSRS Thieving skill, then one effective way to do so is Blackjacking. Thieving is a very useful skill within the game and one that can be enhanced with the technique that we will be discussing today. If you want to earn more OSRS Gold, then here is what you need to know about Blackjacking. 

So, What is Blackjacking?

The art of Blackjacking is used to increase your Thieving level in OSRS. This is done with a Blackjack, which is a weapon that is only available to members and cannot be obtained by those playing the game for free. You use the Blackjack to knock your enemies unconscious and then rob them. In order to gain access to the Blackjacking method, you will need to have completed the Feud Quest and to do that you will need to be at level 30 Thieving. Then, to start efficiently Blackjacking, you will need to get to level 45 Thieving. 

Types of Blackjack

In Old School Runescape there are here different types of Blackjack, which includes Oak, Maple and Willow. These can then be moulded to suit what you want to use them for, ranging from attack to defence or just standard Blackjack. The best you can find is arguably Maple, which you can either unlock with the Rogue Trader minigame or buy it at the Grand Exchange. 

Blackjacking Technique

Ones you have found a Blackjack you will then need to know what to do with it. Your objective is to knock your opponent out, which you can do with the Blackjack by right-clicking on your enemy. Once they are knocked out, right-click on them to pick their pockets twice. What you need to keep in mind is that you only have a very short window. You have three seconds to pickpocket your unconscious enemy twice, otherwise, you will be caught and you are going to take damage. 

If you do get caught, you may well see a message that says “I’m going to kill you for that” which will lead to you being attacked. If this does occur, then all you have to do is knock them out again and re-attempt the process. 

Helpful Items 

There are a number of items that you should consider taking with you when Blackjacking. As mentioned, there is a chance that you can be attacked by those who you are trying to rob if you aren’t quick enough. Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to take some food with you to keep your health points up. You will also want to take some armour with you in case you do get hit hard. A Bracelet of Regeneration will also keep you in good health if times do get desperate. 

Where to Train Blackjacking

Thus, you should have an idea of what Blackjacking is by now, and be equipped to get started. To get underway, head over to Shantay Pass where the Magic Carpet ride is, and see if you can catch a lift to Pollnivneach. You will now want to lure a bandit into an area where there are no others, as you can be caught by another if there is more than one in the area. Find a secluded room then strike when necessary. The bandit that you choose should depend on your level. There are three different types of a bandit, with bearded bandits for level 45 Thieving players, bandits in white outfits for level 55 and finally those with colour outfits being for level 65 players. If you are unsure what they are supposed to look like, try right-clicking on them to inspect them further. 

Another great area for you to level up your Thieving is over in east Ardougne. Here you will find a few tasks for you to take part in, which includes pickpocketing Ardougne Knights which will give you a decent success rate. There is also a number of stalls for you to rob here if you choose to do so. 

If you have been looking for an alternative to buying OSRS gold, or want to take a break from Selling OSRS gold, then Blackjacking can be a fun way for you to earn some extra cash. It might not be as effective as other methods, but it can be a great way for you to level Thieving and is generally a fun activity to take part in. 

Have you tried Blackjacking? Let us know in the comments section below!

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