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Paytm launches new tool to find COVID-19 vaccine slots





  • Paytm launches COVID-19 vaccine finder tool.
  • The idea behind launching the new feature is to help people in getting vaccinated in an orderly manner.
  • The app can notify you when slots open up.

Paytm, the leading digital wallet service provider in India is launching a new tool for users to find COVID-19 vaccine slots. The new feature will also send alerts to the users when new slots open up for their locality, said the financial technology company’s founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma in a tweet on Thursday.

The tool takes real-time data from CoWIN, which is India’s COVID-19 vaccination program and stands for Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network. It is an alternative to the Co-WIN Vaccinator App and website that also provide the same information.

A Paytm spokesperson said:

The new feature will help users find COVID vaccine slots in their locality and set for alerts when new slots open up.

“We believe that with the combined efforts of Government, organizations, and citizens, we are on the right track to recovery. Our priority is to build collective resistance to the deadly virus as a nation, thus catalyzing the process of herd immunity,” the spokesperson added.

The idea behind launching the new feature is to help people in getting vaccinated in an orderly manner. As per the statement shared by the company, the tool on Paytm tracks 780 districts in India for vaccine slot availability in one’s locality.

Here’s how to use Paytm to check Covid-19 vaccine availability near you:

1. Open Paytm and scroll down to the ‘Discover with Paytm’ sectionOpen Paytm, scroll down to the ‘Discover with Paytm’ section, and over here you will find the ‘Vaccine Finder’ feature.

2. Tap on the Vaccine Finder feature inside PaytmWith this Covid-19 Vaccine Slot Finder, you can check the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, find centers near your home, and also get notified when slots are available to get a vaccine.

3. Search Vaccine slot availability by using your pin code Search for vaccine availability using either pin code or search by district. Also, select the age group of the beneficiary.

4. Tap on notify button to get notified when vaccine slots open.
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