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People share their ‘last normal photo’ before lockdown



What were you doing before lockdown? (Picture: Twitter)

If a few months ago you said we’d be nostalgic for office life, large crowds and even the work commute we would’ve thought ‘is a global pandemic on the way?’

Life under lockdown has meant we miss everything about our activities of yore. Remember going out? What a concept.

Many of us are nostalgically looking at our holiday pics, the times we spent with our loved ones, all those Snapchat reminders telling us what we did on this day a year ago.

Perhaps the ones most painful to look at are the last normal photos we took – the photographs of life right before it was interrupted by a vicious virus.

Folks on Twitter are now celebrating the last memories we made and the photos make for some wistful viewing.

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From picnics to concerts, to sporting events, people are sharing all the fun things they did right before the lockdown.

And it’s making everyone appreciate the little things while looking forward to doing them again.

While many around the world are getting involved, many Brits are sharing their last normal photo after the BBC asked viewers to share what they were doing prior to the government lockdown eight weeks ago.

Some shared pictures of themselves at Disney World before it closed, another at Times Square, a couple showed off their wedding pics, one person shared a picture of them at a nightclub.

Others enjoyed the dating scene, going on romantic dates with their partner, drinking at a bar, and just spending time with their family.

Many said they wouldn’t have envisioned their lives changing so dramatically after the photos were taken.

While we may all be looking nostalgically at our phones right now, at least we know we can recreate the same great memories in the near future.

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